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My Favorite Type of E-mails… I Hate You Rocco!

By on May 4, 2009


I think I’m the only one who loves being hated.  One of my High School friends who I haven’t talked to in probably 15 years reconnected with me on Face Book and asked me about my Lose 30 in Thirty Fitness Program.  She didn’t need to lose 30 lbs but wanted a challenging workout to get the last 8 lbs off.

After the first 3 days I received an e-mail with the subject line: “I Hate You Rocco”.  Now, being who I am and my philosophies towards fat I get hate mail on a regular basis and on occasion wishes of a slow painful death but this e-mail struck me as funnier than most.  A friend from high school reconnects with me and is now saying:

“I always adored you in High School… but I’m cursing you today.  I have never worked so hard in my life….my butt and legs are so sore that they may BLEED.  Incredible.  I feel really, really weak, and fatigued.  I have been eating very healthy and drinking lots of water and doing protein shake in the evening.  Any advice ?  One more thing ****************** I HATE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS**************UGH”

I love this e-mail because my friend has always worked out but she hadn’t been working out in the way that her body needed to.  In order to lose weight quickly your body needs to be symmetrical (balanced). If your body has gotten out of balance then before you even think about trying to lose weight you need to get your body back to it’s symmetrical state… which after many years of being out of balance is no easy task.

Two of my favorite exercises to achieve balance in your body are: Mountain Climbers and Jumping Jacks. The proper way to perform both of these exercises can be seen in the videos below.

Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climbers

melanie says:

LOL Mountain Climbers and Jumping Jacks…I worked with an online trainer for six months and every day he would put in Jumping Jacks and Mountain Climbers…it became a running joke between us. I love them but I HATE them. And I still do them. In fact, two days a week I do plyo for an hour. Start small think BIG.

Yvette says:

Burpees, FTW! I actually love jumping jacks and mountain climbers. Am I weird? i’m a high energy freak. Anybody wanna sprint? 🙂

Denise says:

My trainer had me do jumping jacks and mountain climbers this week. Memories of bootcamp….