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My arms keep waving even after I’ve stopped… ooh, that sucks!

By on March 25, 2008

Question: How can I tone and firm my arms, I am a senior citizen and my arms keep waving even after I’ve stopped.


Answer: I’m glad to see there’s a senior citizen reading askROCCO. I guess its true people do believe I can help people from 8 to 80. One question to you though, why does everyone that proposes to be a senior citizen always asks me how to firm up their arms? I would think that by the time you got to be your age you would have figured it out. Maybe, not. Flabby arms do suck! When you’re waving good bye and your arm keeps waving long after you’re gone… oooh, that’s a dilemma!

Now that you want to beat me with a switch I’ll answer your question. First you need to fill the empty bag, that are your arms. Over the years you let your muscles atrophy (melt away), but not to worry, research has shown that no matter what age you start training you will build muscle. Maybe not as fast as an eighteen year old but you can. First, take an empty half gallon jug you bought from Kroger (do you like how I’m fishing for endorsement opportunities) and fill it with enough water that you can lift performing a tricep press (with one arm reach over your head holding the jug and slowly bend your elbow (obviously in a descending motion), when you elbow breaks parallel to the floor then raise it up again). Perform this 15 times then switch to the other arm. Now take the same jug and stand up straight with your arm to the side and raise it (keeping your elbow pointing down) so that the jug touches your bicep and perform these 15 times also. If you have dumb bells on hand you can also use them, but don’t buy them if you don’t have to.

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