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My 30 Day Fitness Journey… to Lose Weight Fast

By on July 17, 2014

photo (9)Big day today. My first weigh-in since starting my road back to health, strength and just being more fit.  Over the past 5 years I have been sitting behind a desk, typing on a keyboard or using my mouse… pretty much the only exercise I was getting besides taking a walk to the park with the dogs. I have broken so many people’s chops about sitting on their ass and making excuses why they got fat. Well, I didn’t want to admit it to myself… but I got fat. 245lbs of it. How the hell did I go from 215lbs to 245lbs, WTF?

It’s weird because this isn’t me. I have always seemed pretty active. I love doing all types of shit and never feel like I’ve been hit by a bus after doing it. So there really were no tell tale signs. I’ve always had kind of a wrestlers belly… all though there was a six pack there it always protruded just a bit. It never bothered me because when I was naked you could tell I wasn’t fat. That was then and this is now. Holy Shit!

wresting-photoWhen I turned 49 years old a couple of months back I was reminiscing about the “good old” days to myself and looked back at a few photos of me… when I was wrestling captain,  in jail, breaking blocks and in all these photos I was in unbelievable shape… I looked in the mirror and wondered where the hell that body went. For years I thought, Oh I’m a little out of shape… but I’m not that bad”. Sound familiar? Well, it was that bad.

Rocco Castellano in 2009 Video "Cleaning Out Your Cabinets"

Me in 2009… notice how thin my face is.

Back in 2009 I weighed 210lbs, slept like a rock, worked out in the traditional way very little but was very consistent with making sure I moved. Cycling, hitting my heavy bag, jumping rope, hiking and lifting rocks on occasion.

I always liked myself at between 210 -215 lbs. I have legs the size of tree trunks… I’m not kidding, my calves are still 20 inches around. So at 5 foot 9 inches, 215 feels good.. I feel comfortable and agile.  Funny thing I haven’t been on my scale… a very accurate, old school digital Tanita scale I got when I opened my first gym… in a very long time. I wanted to be more accurate about the length of time but I just couldn’t remember… it was that long. It was a horrific awakening and I am absolutely mortified to be admitting this, but transparency warrants it.

This was me a couple of months back at a Charity Event

This was me a couple of months back at a Charity Event

I dusted off my scale and stepped on it 10 days ago (the picture on the left) I was exactly… no bullshit, 245lbs… ridiculous. Being the ever positive person I actually said, “Well, at least I’m not 250”. All funniness aside, I wanted to vomit. I’ve never in my life been this out of shape and this fat. I have called many a Fat person stupid… and I feel really stupid for letting this happen to me. It has nothing to do with intellect as I have always said, it has everything to do with the stupidity that we allow ourselves to believe; “I’m not that fat”, “I don’t look that bad”, “I’m really not out of breath”… and it goes on. 10 days ago it stopped.

I had gotten sick in the Spring of 2013, it lasted 3 months. I have never felt that bad, ever. Everything suffered, my business, relationships… you name it. Three months is a long time to be out of commission… too long.  Over the course of the next year up until present, I have had huge bouts with stress related insomnia, becoming ill out of no where and just an all around unhealthy feeling  I never felt before. After a 2 week insane fever ranging from 101 – 103.7 and having to go to the hospital, I had enough. I knew from all my years as one of the top fitness professionals that it had everything to do with how I was living my life… and in reality Life got in the way of my health. Not any more.!

I have always eaten healthy, everything that I eat I usually know where it comes from. My produce comes from local organic farms, my bison, beef and chicken are all organic and grass fed (and finished). I actually know the farmers. My eggs come from chickens I visit every month when I get my oranges, lemons and grapefruits from Fillmore, CA. (I will have blog posts to follow regarding both of these places). My diet is very healthy, I just ate too much of it.

Stress, over the past five years has increased and my “movement” has come to a grinding halt. Again, 10 days ago that stopped also.

on-bikeOver the past 10 days I have increased my activity level gradually. Normally, if this was 20 years ago… who am I kidding 5 years ago, I would have driven myself into the ground with my first days workout. F*#k that. I dusted of my 18 speed Trek 1220, put on my bike shorts, shoes and helmet and went 12 miles in 106 degree heat… but it was a dry heat. I actually didn’t feel that bad. After that day I walked up a hiking trail close to my house. Everyday I did something a little different, rode my bike a little longer, walked to the store instead of jumping in the car… if it was within a 15 minute walk, I walked. More importantly I moved.

Someone I used to coach a little while back who is a very smart guy said something that resonated with me ever since, “Exercise is optional… Movement is Essential”. So I moved and decided not to exercise.

blender-bottleI also did something I haven’t ever done in my life. I decided to “cleanse” all the toxins out of my body with a product called “Purium”. The reason why I used Purium was that it went along with everything I believe in. Organic Super Foods and using food to heal… plus they gave me a $50 Gift Card to try their stuff. So I did… and it is everything they said it was.(If you want $50 in FREE Stuff, click the link and put in the code “askrocco”) I’m not sure if you know who David Sandoval is, but it’s his company. He is the guy who pretty much started the whole Super Foods phenomena with The Green Foods Bible, from Freedom Press. I’ve always been a fan, so I thought I would give it a try.  

That is basically it so far, I am down a little more than 11 lbs in the past 10 days and I feel awesome. Being able to sleep for 8 hours is allowing all the fat to flush out of my body because I am not in an adrenalin state all the time. My blood sugar is leveled out and I am pumping my body full of nutrient dense real food.

I know many of you are out there wanting to wait for the perfect time, the perfect day… there really is no perfect time. I started this journey on a Tuesday at 6pm. Click this link and come on this 30 Day Fitness Challenge with me.