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Mother faces charges for 555lb 14 year old… it’s about time.

By on June 24, 2010

No 14 year old unless it’s a 14 year old gorilla, should ever even come within 300 lbs of 500 lbs. You would have to shovel… and I mean with a big shovel, shovel food into this kids mouth from when he was concieved until he is 14.

What was anyone thinking when the kid weighed in at over 300lbs when he was 12?  That he might just start sloughing fat off 20lbs at a time.  Maybe they thought he was going to take his 14 year old brain and go on some radical exercises and diet program all by himself… have you seen his mother? She doesn’t look like she’s ever passed up a Golden Corral in her life.

As a matter of fact I bet they have their own “labeled” trough at “The Golden Corral”.   No one can get that fat with out a lot of encouragement.

I’m not big on the government intervening in our personal lives but this is real child abuse.  There is no “medical” condition to blame this on just absolute neglect.

Here is the story in it’s entirety… leave me a comment and tell me what you think.  I am still freaked out by this.

dawn says:

This hits close to home for me, I weighed 350 lbs at age 15. This is DEFINITELY the parents fault. It is neglect and abuse. When I see obese children now it makes me angry as hell. I know just in the past 3 yrs of losing weight I have helped my own 3 kids in so many good ways. The mother of that boy has so many mental problems it’s clear she should not be raising him till she gets help for herself. I can bet anything within a year away from his mother that boy will weigh 100-200 lbs less or more.

As for the comments about a teenager doing what he wants that is true to a point but not 555 lbs. That food abuse started at a super young age and that was the fault of whoever the child was living with. It’s clear too that someone should have stepped in way sooner than now.

Al says:

What is a parent supposed to do? A kid of 14 will do what they want, you can’t be there 24 hours a day to keep them from eating. The only thing I can say is the parent(s) should keep healthier food around. But you aren’t going to stop a teen from overeating.

I think you’re absolutely wrong. You’re supposed to be the parent. If you do your job from when the child is young he or she will develop healthy habits. This kid did not get this huge when he hit his fourteenth birthday. This took a lot of time. When he was 5-8 years old something should have been done about it.

Heather says:

Who was this kid’s doctor? And why didn’t they do anything about this before he reached 555lbs? This is shameful, just shameful–I hope he gets the help he needs to get to a healthy weight and to deal with the fallout from the teasing he no doubt received at school.