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More Fitness Industry Stupidity…they’re making it too easy

By on November 21, 2008

“Okay…here’s my invention…take a square piece of wood and bend it. That’s it. Pretty cool, huh?” Now we sell it as a “Revolutionary Fitness Product” and we’ll make millions and millions of dollars.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that conversation was going on about this product called the T-Bow. This piece of “Fitness Equipment” is as useless as a “Pet Rock”. Maybe someone should put some wiggly eyes on it and stand it up in the corner.

I can’t wait for someone to “invent” The Caveman Dumb Bell and just place a “rock” in a box and call it a revolutionary fitness product. Who is funding this garbage? Now I can see why we needed a 700 billion dollar bailout of the banks. It may have been because the stupidity is running rampant with venture capital money.

Michael Bach says:

Funny stuff Rocco

I’ve seen them in use and had a bit of a laugh.
On one side I kinda think it’s good IF it gets more people to exercise but the BAD side is they are getting lied to and a few months down the line, the user is no better off.

Still, I’ll keep you posted if I come up with my great product made out of a lump of wood

Michael Bach

The Body Planner
The Body Planner Blog

Elizabeth says:

I thought I saw somebody with a night cap on and a pillow under their head somewhere in the background. zzzzzz (what an intense workout!)

Jeremy and Alissa Nelms says:

Keep at it, Rocco. Some great stuff lately!

Jeremy Nelms
No Excuses Fat Loss!

Junior says:

I gotta have one! 😀

Amaris says:

Jeez, and I thought the Ab-Ball was bad…..