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Miss America Workout…Part 3

By on October 22, 2008

You will pee your pants when you see all the sh*t I have to deal with when training my Miss America Ohio wanna be. I have not “bleeped” out anything.

Check out:

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Jaho says:

Maybe the secret for her hard work is the high motivation that comes from getting to participate in such a high caliber event? The girl really worked hard I have to admit it. If only I had more of these highly motivated clients…

Rocco Castellano says:

I know she comes off like that but she really wasn’t. I never fault anyone for bitching and complaining as long as they get the work done.

Jaho says:

Wow, she’s kinda bitchy. Of the type that thinks the world owes her or something. But it ain’t her fault – it is probably due to the way people have been treating her since the age of lets say 11 cause of her looks.

Good job though being tough on her though.