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Men’s Worst Fear…their wives actually lose weight!

By on December 8, 2008

For years I’ve been listening to idiotic rhetoric spewed by boyfriends and husbands of fat women and I’m totally sick of it.  Whenever I hear a man tell his wife that she doesn’t need to lose weight because he loves her just the way she is, I want to punch him square in the face.

Husband and boyfriends are too friggin’ lazy to get up off their ass and get fit so they think that it’s good idea to sabotage their significant other’s fitness efforts by a strategically placed so-called “compliment”.  Men are sometimes to stupid to realize that you want to look good and feel good for yourself and not for them.

Check out the video for more on Men’s Worst Fears.

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Jennifer says:

Ok, not that I ever heard this from my ex (because I was NEVER a fat wife), but I agree. Ugh! Don’t even get me started on this topic.

PESJ says:


I’m with ya on this. If my wife (of 10 years) started to get fucking fat she would hear about it. The same shit you did to get me you’d better do to keep me. It also applies to me. I’m 31 years old, and am amazed at my peers who are my age, with kids, career etc….who have just “given up” and said fuck it. Time to get fat, time not to care, time to let it all hang out. Every now and then, the get skinny quick diet and a cabinet full of barely used miracle pills, all the while still chowing down at Burger King and all you can eat joints. Staying fit isn’t a convenience dependent upon your schedule or priorities… IS a lifestyle which must take priority. Otherwise, you are just like the rest of the 2/3 of America…fatass and getting fatter.

Cristen says:

I really liked that little bit you did; pretty funny stuff. Very true though. But remember, women don’t like fat men either. Hahahaaa! Men don’t ask that question though. However, I do agree with you. People should be more honest and tell their significant other when they are becoming a fat ass! The world would be a healthier place!


Leigh Peele says:

Way to call it like it is Rocco. Mad props on this post.

Mike Stehle says:

That was freaking awesome!