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Meet Rocco Castellano

For Rocco Castellano, over-the-top is his everyday language. As an internationally known and controversial fitness expert with a career spanning over 34 years, this East Coast Italian has an opinion on everything. This guy can raise your heart rate just by sitting next to you. His booming voice fills a room regardless of the size, and you really never know what will come out of that mouth when he opens it.

With a name like Rocco you just know he was bred on the streets of New York with attitude dripping from his veins. He loves controversy, embraces confrontation, and wants to change your life.You can ask him about anything and he’ll respond with an answer that is filled with attitude. The funny thing is that once you start listening to him you’re forever hooked.It doesn’t matter if you hate him or love him, you will listen to what he has to say.

Rocco’s no-holds barred approach to fitness is recognized by The National Academy of Sports Medicine and Club Industry. Rocco believes that the fitness industry has made more Fat people poor than FIT “It would take someone 2 days to assemble the Body by Jake Fitness Equipment, consistently showing that the fitness industry is more interested in selling gadgets than actual fitness.”

Rocco says fitness doesn’t require equipment, only knowledge and a complete ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! He has five exercises that are free to the world and require the “want” to be healthy. Here they are free of charge.

* Push ups or Negative Push Ups – To create balance in your mid-section and upper-body strength

* Lunges – “And not alternating legs! That’s for wussies! Lunges on one leg only until it burns (usually 25-35 or until you cry like a friggin’ baby).

* Mountain Climbers – “I’ve never seen flatter and wider asses on women than I have American women, and any trainer that teaches women to do squats should be shot, or at the very least hit with a blunt instrument.” Mountain Climber’s cause the butt to lift and become round.Women are supposed to have round asses not flat.

* Criss Cross Crunches – Allows all three muscles of the midsection to be worked, not just the “six pack”

* Jumping Jacks – Quite possibly the best exercise in the world or at least my favorite exercise in the world.When done correctly, it works all the major muscle groups of the body at one time.“And I don’t know why you don’t see this exercise done more, oh… that’s right we need to buy fitness equipment or weight loss pill, stupid me!”

“We’re not addressing the real issues, and I can’t help but see an epidemic of FAT people creating a very “sick” and “costly” future for our society.

As a former latch-key kid, Rocco spent most of his time as a child shining shoes and as construction site “go-fer” earning money to put edible food on the table for himself and his two brothers. He would hang out at his cousin’s gym to box; learn martial arts so one day he could kick his father’s ass and anyone else that made fun of his stuttering. He believes in giving back to the community and is putting his money where his mouth is by offering a fitness scholarship for children who lose fat and become fit over the school year.

Rocco seems to surround himself with beautiful people. One has to wonder if he has had an effect on their lifestyles and their attitudes. Whether he is training celebrities or contestants for Miss USA, or just posing for photos at an upscale social event, Castellano is always in good company. Rocco Castellano is much more than simply a Trainer-to-the-Stars, working with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Spike Lee, and the artist William Wegman to name a few, he wants to help you get off your ass and take back America, one pound at a time. If you have the desire to change your attitude, then Rocco wants to help change your life.

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