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Making “Guy”liner fashionable…WTF?

By on May 12, 2009

I tried very hard to stay away from making this post…but it just couldn’t leave my head.  The very thought of “guys” wearing eyeliner to enhance the “natural” beauty of their eyes is downright irritating and at the same time hilarious.

My question is why would any guy embrace wearing eye make up as was reported in USA Today.  Unless you want to look like your wife as Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy obviously is trying to do, as both he and his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz use the same brand of eyeliner and mascara.  I’m just not sure what the attraction of having black circles around your eyes would be.  I don’t even like heavy make up on women.  In my opinion it makes them look hard, slutty and wishing they had good looks…but that’s me.  Now on a guy I think it’s just the opposite, I think I’m gay but not sure, I wish I could be a slut but I keep poking myself in the eye with this damn pencil, or maybe it’s all those Goth rockers look so hot, I want to be just like them…but still that’s a “gay” statement…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The only problem with that statement is that the “Goth” Rockers make a lot of money and don’t care if they look stupid.  I know for a fact that most…and I said most woman want a “Masculine” man not someone that is trying to look like them.  I’m not saying that women are attracted to men who drink beer and fart around the house in their underwear but I know that women want men that look like men, fit, good looking, dress well and can pick up the check for dinner…and something that has been lost among the younger generation…open a friggin’ door for her!  Men please stop trying to be women… WTF?

Check this video out from

…and another one from The Early Show on CBS…come on!

Seriously – is this thing for real?

Yes. It is and stupid as can be.

Liz Donnelly says:

Give me a BREAK! Yes, they all look GAY, and there IS something wrong with that, especially IF they want to attract stable, healthy (read: non-anorexic, non-goth-wannabee) women.