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Make Valentine’s Day your New Year’s Day

By on February 10, 2009

So you totally flaked out on your weight loss New Year’s resolution.  So friggin’ what!

I’ve given you a do-over.  That’s right…since you’re acting like an eight year and not sticking to your fitness and weight loss goals, I’ve given you a Rocco do-over.  this St. Valentines day I want you to make a St. Valentine’s Day resolution…and this time keep it!

Here’ the deal.  If you don’t do anything…you’ll still be fat in 3 months and you be saying the same old shit, “I’m so fat, and I can’t fit into any swimsuit…look at the fat popping out all over…boo hoo”. Or in 3 months…12 friggin’ weeks…you can be saying,”Holy Shit! am I f@#kin’ Hot or what?!. I personally would rather you be saying the latter then the former but really it’s up to you.  I can’t drag you by the hair and make you workout I can only give you the great information I have been giving you.

Watch my video to hammer this point home a little more.

Amanda says:

Armpit fat? Oh shudder!