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Low Back Pain is…obviously a pain in the back!

By on January 28, 2009

It’s a funny thing how low back pain can creep up on you.  As many of you know (or don’t know…and now you do) I don’t train clients anymore.  Most of my work is either done on the phone, in front of a computer or traveling to who know where.

This significant change in lack of activity has produced slight low back pain.  I work everyday but my body was used to 8-12 hours of physical activity per day and I’m now only giving it 30 minutes.  The constant sitting has created a small weakness and needs some special attention.  So I decided to go to my good friend and physical therapist Dev Chengkalath’s website and steal one of his low back relief exercise videos to show you what I’m doing to help my pain in the back.

If you have any questions regarding low back pain relief feel free to check out Dev’s website:

This is an exercise protocol called “The Birddog” and variations of it.