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Lost in a Crowd of Celebrities…Vegas Style

By on April 22, 2009

I walked into the VIP section of the Miss USA after party and after congratulating Paula Miles on her girl’s win (Paula is the Executive Director of Miss North Carolina USA) I bumped into Kevin Rudolf who played his hit single “Let it Rock” for the Swimsuit portion of the the Miss USA Pageant.

Rocco Castellano | Kevin Rudolf

Rocco Castellano | Kevin Rudolf

It’s amazing, I have met many “celebrity” types in my day due to the nature of my business and they fall into two categories… the assholes that think they are above everyone.. .or the down to earth, glad to be where they are type.

Kevin Rudolf is definitely the latter type. We had a great conversation about what it took for him to get to the top of his game and through our talk he kept reiterating the same thing…”Raw Determination”, the music business is hard and takes getting knocked down hundreds of times before one day you get up and all the hard work paid off.  Resilency and forward momentum was etched in his character and I was happy to have had the opportunity for dialogue with someone who shared the same philosophy.


Sherri Hill | Rocco Castellano

Another person who I have known about for years but had never met was Sherri Hill.  In the pageant industry Sherri Hill is basically a “Dress Making” God.  8 out of the top 10 girls were wearing a Sherri Hill Dress.  If you ask me that’s pretty amazing.  That would be like going to the Academy Awards and almost every female celebrity (and probably some males…I’m not judging) on the Red Carpet answered the same question; “What are you wearing?” with “Oh, it’s Sherri Hill”.

Sherri is another one that is very reserved and pleasant to talk to as I am the opposite.  I’m not at all reserved and on many occasions I’m not pleasant to talk to…especially if you ask me if you “look fat”…but this post isn’t about my unpleasantness.  If any of the women and girls out there are thinking about getting a beautiful dress for prom or wedding feel confident that the designer is not only a great designer but a great person.


Josett Wilbanks | Rocco Castellano | Sandrine Karsenty

There was no shortage of beautiful woman as you can see with the photo to the left of me with beautiful Las Vegas Hairstylist Josett Wilbanks and my good friend Andy Burgoyne’s beautiful girlfriend Sandrine Karsenty.

A little back story on Josett.  She was attending the premiere of Peepshow at Planet Hollywood and Donald Trump was so enamered by her that he kept telling Robert Earl (priciple owner of  Planet Hollywood) to put her in the show.  So instead of accepting a part in the show she decided on taking 2 tickets to the VIP after party for Miss USA.

Hope you had a great time man. Looking forward to meeting you in the near future!


Liz Donnelly says:

Looks like a great time!!