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My mother told me losing 30 lbs in 30 days is not healthy…

By on January 30, 2009

Now that my Lose 30 in Thirty Fitness Program has gained in popularity I get asked these types of questions on a daily and sometimes twice daily basis.  I just wanted to share with you this one question that was asked of me today:

“Hi, my name is Andrea I am 19 years old and I take dance lessons over the past year I have gained 20 pounds I now weigh 170!!! and I have dance competitions in April I definitely need help I really want to purchase your weight loss kit but my mother says its not healthy to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. If you lose weight that quickly won’t you just gain more and quicker? and do you actually mail the kit to us or is it just on the computer?”

Your mother is right and she’s also wrong at the same time.If you were to lose 30 lbs in 30 days from dieting alone it would be very unhealthy.You would need to starve yourself by restricting your caloric intake and that is actually counterproductive.When you restrict your calories your body takes the fuel that’s required to keep it going from other sources, specifically your muscles…that Andrea, is not a good thing.

When your body is using muscle for fuel it is breaking down the very engine that helps to burn the fuel and that is what makes you gain weight faster. My Lose 30 in Thirty Fitness Program is a system that forces you to build the necessary muscle first, replaces your muscle were it needs to be making you more symmetrical. When you are symmetrical your body is in balance and will burn fat faster. My program is not a “Lose Weight Fast” scheme it is a really hard workout.The fatter you are the more work you have to do to take the weight off.By the same token you need to understand how to exercise efficiently so that you are not working out for 3 hours a day and wasting time.

Many of the exercises in My Lose 30 in Thirty Fitness Program burn more fat in less time. Running stairs is a good example. If you run 10 minutes of stairs you will be burning more fat than you would be running on a treadmill for 35 minutes. This is what the program does. It forces you to workout smarter and harder. Don’t kid yourself this workout is “hard” and is not for wussy’s.

So to answer your question…yes my program is much safer and healthier for you than trying to diet to lose 30 lbs in 30 days.  We have also made it very convenient to buy online and have it delivered the same way.

April says:

Hmmm and if I were writing back to this girl I would have pointed out that according to her she only really has 20 pounds to loose so she wouldn’t need to loose thirty anyway right?
What I tell people when I reccomend your book is this. Your program is really more like “Get your personal best results possible in 30 days.” But that wouldn’t be isn’t as catchy right?? So it is called loose 30 in thirty. Let’s use our heads here people not everyone even has 30 pounds to loose but that doesn’t mean Rocco’s book wouldn’t still be very beneficial to you right?