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Kim Kardashian and her idiotic Quick Trim Commercial

By on June 14, 2010


I have no words to say to this… OK… I’m wrong I do but  I am completely baffled why anyone would even dream of buying this product.  When you watch the commercial it shows, Kim “Jimney Cricket” Kardashian as she reveals as much T & A to make you want to vomit or drool (depending where you are with her looks) and then as her breasts are fully in your face… She asks, “How HOT do you Want to be?”.

One thing I know for sure… Quick Trim didn’t make her supposedly “HOT” (my jury is still out… I think she looks like Jimney Cricket) and it definitely didn’t give her those breasts.  You make the call… buy or not to buy…

Here is what the “Label” for the “Cleanse and Burn” product says…

Quick Trim™ Burn and Cleanse

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 -Day Supply
Servings Per Container 14


Consult your physician prior to using this product it you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, under 18 years of age or have a medical condition, Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.
Quick Trim, LLC
3750 Investment Lane Suite 2
West Palm Beach, FL 33404

So basically, the most important thing that you should know about this product is that it needs to be “Stored in a cool dry place” and that there is a warning but you will have to see the “Manufacturer’s Label”, obviously after you purchase Kim Kardashian and baby sister Khloe’s Quick Trim “Burn and Cleanse”

I don’t know… maybe I’m the asshole but don’t you think you might want to give your potential customers a hint of what they might be getting their naive little heads into? I’m just saying!

Eric J. Moss says:

I saw her at a club once. She’s nothing special. One thing most of the people don’t realize is that these celebs don’t use this stuff. They have full time trainers, nutritionists and chef’s a lot of times. Sigh.

@ Will. Keep it up.

will says:

Well you are right – I realised quickly that this is a BILLION no multi multi billion dollar industry and they rely on people being dumb and desperate to get suckered in to their “fitness stupidity” as you put it so well – I have been on my own journey – I bought your programme – but didn’t quite manage to make it practical in my own life – but I haven’t given up – I have lost 27lb and have about 29 to go – And I am doing it Drug free – just hard work & accountability –
there is a lot of stupidity out there – and I know we can count on you Rocco to call it …LOL