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Kill It with Daily Deals


Kill It with Daily Deals

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From: Neil Venketramen & Rocco Castellano
Date: Monday Apr 15, 2013

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

It’s not easy finding “real” relevant information on making Daily Deals such as Groupon and Living Social work for you and actually become a profit center?

One of the biggest problems in creating or building Daily Deal campaigns as a marketing tool  is that there was no established and tested way to use Daily Deal Sites effectively … until NOW!.

Almost every business owner hits the same wall… where do I start… What should I sell… How do I convert these bottom feeders to full price customers/clients?  The frustration goes on.

Every business is different. How you attract and keep your customers is all based on a particular customer journey that is fully laid out step by step in our newly published book called: “How an Accountant and a Wiseguy Kill It with Daily Deals.

So many Marketing Gurus have told you that you need to use Daily Deal sites to get customers through your door but none of them give you the How, What, Why and When to use and profit from this often misunderstood program.

Once you know: 

  • How to Turn Your Customers into Assets and a Profit Center
  • The Big Mistake to Avoid When Calculating the Best Price for Your Offer
  • How to Get Your Customers to Give You Their Credit Card Information
  • Ingenious Coupon Redemption Technique to Plan the Up sell
  • A Sneaky Method to Get More Conversion
  • The Best Way to Create Your Up sell for a Higher Conversion Rate
  • Tips for Getting the Best Results from Your Groupon Rep and Contract
  • Alternative Technique for Gaining Potential Assets

 … and Once you’re able to

  • Crush All Competition and Sell More Vouchers
  • Use Our Special Continuity Script for Repeat Buyers
  • Know How to Schedule the Coupon to Your Advantage
  • Ramp up Your Referrals for a More Profitable Groupon Campaign
  • Convert Non-Buyers into Clients
  • Ramp up Your Profits with Event-Based Driven Marketing

There is literally no stopping you from banging out a Six-Figure income consistently and never have to worry about lead generation again.


But Before You Read Another Word Of This Letter I Want You To See How Other Business Owners Just Like Yourself Kill It Everyday with Daily Deals…



Stop the frustration of trying to do Daily Deals on your own. Let us help you right now and get you making “real” money… and not the pittance you have been making from Daily Deals in the past.

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If you order from this page we will give you a copy of “How an Accountant and a Wiseguy Kill It with Daily Deals FREE.  Just pay $5.99 shipping and handling and it’s yours to start creating Daily Deal campaigns that really work.


Neil Venketramen

Co-Author, How an Accountant and a Wiseguy Kill it with Daily Deals

Rocco Castellano

Co-Author, How an Accountant and a Wiseguy Kill it with Daily Deals