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Justin Bieber- Cover of Mens Health?

By on March 9, 2015
Justin Bieber on cover of Men's Health

Ok, I feel the bile rising… and yes, I am vomiting in my mouth. I read a piece from someone that I admire and follow, Bill Phillips, the editor in chief of Men’s Health Magazine. I have a love – hate relationship with the magazine most of the time. Some of the articles hit the nail on the head and some miss the mark by a mile. This is one of those cases. In Bill’s article Why is Justin Bieber on the Cover of Men’s Health? I get the whole second chance thing… but the problem with the scenario he laid out, is that Justin Bieber is not even old enough to get a second chance. At 21 years old he should be fucking up on a regular basis… he should be high, and he should be an idiot from time to time. That’s what 21 year old’s do. I did some historical stupid shit when I was 21 all the way until I was 28… and some say beyond.

So the problem is Justin Bieber doesn’t have enough experience at fucking up and resurrecting himself, to be on any magazine cover about… resurrecting himself. I don’t care how many hours he’s spending in the gym. I love Bill Phillips and what he stands for but I know he got it wrong this time. Justin Bieber needs good publicity right now and Men’s Health went for it hook, line and sinker. Men’s health has made a bad choice putting him on the cover. It will sell magazines in the short term and get hits to the website… but Men’s Health has tarnished it’s reputation with me and some friends of mine.  It was a good marketing move, one that will have every 17-25 year old girl framing the cover for there bedroom or office stall. It’s great exposure in a sensationalistic way, but you’ve definitely hurt your base audience with this funny little trick.

There are many better Men… and I mean MEN not fucking embryos trying to pass for men, that should grace the cover of Men’s Health with actual stories of struggle, fucking up and resurrecting into better men. Justin Bieber is a kid who still needs to grown up, like he himself says… and in a few years when he has done what he needs to do, getting all the shit out of his system, then he can rise up from the ashes and resurrect himself. That, I would like to see on the cover of Men’s Health… and I would pay for that cover and copy. This is nothing but a hollow attempt at trying… to “get” better more positive publicity for himself. I hope I’m wrong, Men’s Health.

Justin Bieber on the cover of Men’s Health is a slap in the face of every man who takes fitness seriously and for that matter their health seriously. Again Bill, I understand your reasoning for “the give the kid a second chance” but he hasn’t done enough (good or bad) to even ask for that second chance. So you gave him a pass. I still love you Bill but the vomit taste in my mouth won’t go away for a little while… and I cancelled my subscription to Men’s Health.

Justin Bieber