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It’a about time I took a SPA Day…

By on February 2, 2009
Rocco relaxes in a Japanese inspired wooden hot tub

Rocco relaxes in a Japanese inspired wooden hot tub

I’m a little late posting to my blog today because I decided that I should take a Spa Day. I can hear it now…”Oh, Rocco you asshole, you have to rub it in our face…don’t you.  We’re working our asses off for the man, getting our asses kicked by our bosses and have to deal with the stupidity of our co-workers…and you’re writing about taking a friggin’ Spa Day.  Why don’t you go screw yourself!”

In all honesty I hope you feel like that because that is my point.  If you’re getting a little peeved at me for having the balls to tell you about my Spa day, then it’s about time you took one for yourself.  You see Spa Day’s aren’t really about luxury or something “Rich” people do, it’s really about self preservation with physical and mental rejuvenation as an added bonus.  It doesn’t take much to help yourself relieve the stress of everyday life…and seriously, the more work you do and the more mental stress you place on yourself the more you need to take mini-vacations.

Rocco in the Steam Room...detoxifying
Rocco in the Steam Room…detoxifying

These little Spa days are the perfect answer to help keep me refreshed and more productive in my own life and work.  I moved to Albuquerque, NM because I wanted to get back to where I used to be…physically fit with peace of mind.  I had changed my whole business model to be able to work on the things I love doing and being able to hike, cycle, and travel again.

I have realized the more I like to work, the more I have to play.  I want you to start working hard at playing.  Make time to rejuvenate your body, your soul and your mind…and you will realize that your life is about living, enjoy it.  I challenge you to start today living the life you really want, not the one someone told you to have.  Now go book that Spa Day…and yes my skin feels silky smoooooooth!