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Is Your Business Broken?

Rocco Castellano here…

I have important questions for you that can change your business and change your life almost overnight.

Do you have a “Blue Collar Mindset” or a “Prevailing Mindset”?

When I got out jail at 18 years old and started my first businesses… I made money in spite of myself.

Stop trading dollars for hours!

My shear determination and tenacity carried me over and allowed me to be what I thought was successful… but basically it was trading money for hours… and didn’t have the right tools to make the best decisions for my business or myself. I just wasn’t equipped.

Have you woke up to the reality that your fitness business model is no longer effective… and you’re just not as busy as you once were.  Or, let me speak frankly – is your business broken? Are you making bad decision after bad decision… or at least feel like you are?

Are you ready to get your shit together … and get out of your own way?  Take a breath and realize that “Peace of Mind” is only a click away… if you want it


My approach is very different from the bullshit business coaches or so called “Gurus” in several ways.

First, I know what I’m doing. I’ve built several successful fitness businesses and helped many fitness pros and fitness companies build their fitness brand… even before it was cool to be a “Guru”.

Here’s a couple of “firsts” that no one can dispute:

1.) First Personal Trainer in the world to have a website… 1995 (
2.) First business “entity” in America to promote website on all brand assets including shirts, letterhead, envelopes and business cards.
3.) First Fitness Professional to create an audio workout on cassette… yes for a Sony Walkman… yes, I’m that fuckin’ old.

4.) First “Bootcamp” Style workout in America… 1988… then again in 2000. Way before any one thought of the word “Bootcamp”
5.) Only paid Bootcamp to top 250 people in a single class.
6.) First Personal trainer with a syndicated weekly column
7.) Fitness Professional to use email as an “Online” training resource for customers
8.) Only Fitness Professional to win an “Emmy” on MTV’s MADE or any other network.
… and so on…

I’ve worked hand-in-hand with many of the top fitness brands in the industry and I understand how things in a fitness business work. I never use generic solutions or cookie cutter approaches because that won’t get you what you want. The strategies and tactics we will apply will be tailored precisely for your fitness business so they’re going to work no matter what economy hits.

Here’s just a few Fitness Brands askROCCO Media has helped to insane recognition and profits:

… and a few of the top fitness professionals in America wanted to give a testimonial…

Second, I speak literally and answer your questions directly. Of course, I will ask you questions and over time it could end up being hundreds of them… or thousands of them. But at a certain point, I will tell you precisely what to do so you can get what you want. There’s none of this horseshit about helping you “discover” what you need to know… you will do that automatically.

The way I see it, you’re going to pay me a bunch of money and when you ask me questions it’s because you think you need answers. So when you ask me what I think, don’t worry, I will tell you.

Third, and most importantly, when you agree on what you’re going to do next, I will hold you accountable for taking action. You see, once we decide we’re a fit for each other, I become very committed to helping you reach your goals. I will go pretty far to make sure you get there… but understand I should never want it more than you… ever!


…If you are committed to producing results and willing to work on a one-year time period. Face it. The kinds of results we produce take a bit of time. If you want what you want within 30 days, I might be able to help you but I cannot guarantee it. My clients are willing to go the distance to get what they want, and believe investing a year to do so makes complete sense. This doesn’t mean you won’t see results much sooner than that.

Most likely you’ll get some of what you want in a shorter amount of time… if you are willing to listen and take action.!

If we decide to work together you’ll start by completing 3 very crucial documents… Three Most Important Questions, What I am… What I am Not, and Tell Your Story and be willing to go through some  intense exercises. These documents and exercises make you think more deeply about your business than ever before. Almost every new client tells me that this is a huge wake up call.  Many have said they’ve gotten their money’s worth in this step alone… pretty cool if you ask me.

Next, we will get together in person or via Skype for a Brand Audit.

We’ll analyze your market, your services or products, your opportunities, your staff, your infrastructure, and your finances. We’ll look at your beliefs about your business, your customers and your overall mindset.

We consider everything that’s relevant to putting your fitness business on the fastest track possible. By the time we’re done we’ll have a forward momentum strategy and a blueprint to build your business step by step so that you can reach your goals.

Over the course of your coaching which is segmented into 90 day intervals, we’ll have a series of scheduled phone or Skype meetings to keep you on track. These sessions are typically once a week, twice a month or once a month depending on our agreement. After each phone meeting you’ll commit to a series of action steps. This is how we insure steady progress towards your specific goals.

Between scheduled conversations you may need attention on something. Questions, ideas, issues, documents, marketing or sales emergencies, negotiations… anything. Unscheduled and unlimited, we’ll use email, IM, text, phone, Skype… I am committed to helping you grow your business, period.

Occasionally during our coaching we may need to meet face-to-face if circumstances call for it.

While you are contemplating calling me or contacting me via the contact form… understand that you and I may or may not be a good fit… knowing that… I put every client on a 30 day probationary period. 

You are not asked to sign any 12 month contracts and you can cancel our coaching sessions at anytime for any reason. ( I think the practice of tying you in for any length of time is absolute bullshit!)

I do something extremely rare in coaching or consulting: I guarantee my work. I can do this because I know my own track record. The full details are written into our agreement, but it’s basically like this: work with me seriously and do the things you agree to do. If  you’re not happy with the results, I’ll refund your money. Plain and simple!

Next steps
If you feel we can work together and would like to work with me, the first step is to answer a few questions about your fitness business and your goals. Once we receive your submission we’ll schedule an initial consultation to discuss moving forward.

Schedule your initial consult now!