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Is this normal or did my trainer overwork me?

By on March 24, 2008

Question: Rocco: I recently joined a well-known worldwide gym. I am 39 and healthy. I have always done cardio but weight training is new to me. I worked with a personal trainer twice since joining. I did 2-3 sets of 12 for each of the exercises and told my trainer my goal was to develop more muscle tone to counter-act age related muscle loss. After both training sessions, the first for legs and abs. and the second for chest and arms, I was very sore for about 3 days. The pain was so bad I had to take over the counter pain relievers. I could hardly walk up and down steps after the leg training and couldn’t lift my arms above my shoulders after the chest/arm training. My legs were sore enough that I had to suspend my daily walking program for 2 days. Is this normal or did my trainer possibly overwork me?


Answer: It’s obviously to me that your trainer took the phrase “no pain, no gain” literally. He or she is an idiot! What was this trainer trying to do, give you all the muscle mass you needed in two workouts? I hate these crazy workout zealots. To answer your question; no this is not normal and yes, I will say it again your trainer is an idiot. I do believe you should perform work intense enough to provide desired results and mild to medium soreness on the first couple of workouts, but to have to suspend other activities in the process is just plain stupid. Next time you see them, roll this issue of CiN Weekly up and smack them over the head with it and please make sure my picture is facing them as you continue beating them. Here’s a word to my fellow colleagues: with every workout, we take our clients lives in our hands. So don’t try to kill your clients on the first workout.