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Introducing Posturology, Radical Energy Systems Circuit and Paul Gagne

By on June 16, 2010

One of my clients on the fitness business side of things introduced me to someone and something that I find rather unique and amazing.  His name is Paul Gagne who is nicknamed “MacGuyver” (yes that’s how he spells it) by his contemporaries for being able to create exercises from a toothpick, bubble gum and Q-tip… well maybe that’s a stretch… but not that far.

Paul does seem to create exercises and exercise equipment out of thin air, but that’s not the only thing he does.  He is a Posturologist… I know, what the hell is a Posturologist? Basically it is someone who evaluates your posture through a series of body awareness tests… finds the inadequacies in your musculature… and fixes them to improve your performance in just about everything you do or want to do. Pretty friggin’ cool if you ask me.

The video below does not show anything that has to do with Posturology (those will come) but it does have something that Paul created called a Radical Energy Systems Circuit for the Upper Body.  I tried this circuit out for myself and it Radically kick the living shit out of me.

Take a gander at the video below to witness Paul down at the Half Moon resort in Jamaica performing his Radical Energy Systems Circuit for the Upper Body with his colleagues.

For more information about Paul Gagne and Posturology please go to:

Great to hear other admitting that they can improve and seeing you share the process of that improvement. Just stumbled on to your site and appreciated what I saw. Dr. Perry Nickelston did group demo on the baby get up and kettlebell “complex” at an event I hosted. It was fun to see how quickly trainers picked it up. Don’t know if it makes for better athletes or where it fits into a program, but it did make for a great conversation starter which helped get the clinic off to a great start. Thanks for sharing Rocco. Keep the posts coming.