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If you think you suck at Golf…you could never suck this bad.

By on September 10, 2009

I just had some great R & R and played a little Golf in the process. Usually when I go out on the course I see a bunch of idiots getting so stressed out about their game it’s embarrassing.

I use Golf as a great stress relief and a chance to bond with my friends. I really don’t care what my score is as long as I get the ball in the air most of the time I’m happy. Golf is supposed to be fun.

I always joke around about how much I might suck but I can honestly say I will and can never suck as bad as Charles Barkley. Being a good professional basketball player does not translate into a good Golf Player. I found this video and thought I should share it with you if you think you suck at Golf.

Please feel free to comment…and tell me if you suck this bad.

Val Fujii says:

That is one Ugly Funny Golf Swing! You know the folks that were there watching just wanted to laugh their asses off, but didn’t want to get their asses kicked by Charles. lol;)