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If you can’t afford healthy food… sell the house!

By on November 20, 2010

If it’s not one thing it’s another.  Boo fuckin’ hoo … Rocco you say that you should eat organic fruits and vegetables, organic grass fed and grass finished beef, bison, elk, venison and yak but I can’t afford to eat like that.  That kind of food is too expensive!

This is what I hear on a regular basis from people who are fat and are starting to have stress and obesity related health problems.  If you don’t pay now you will definitely pay later… and instead of enjoying good healthy food that tastes great and is more nutritious… you will be spending the same amount or more on medications that I know have a disgusting taste and are going to just help you prolong your death.  If you don’t believe me just ask all the people that are sucking life out of the American healthcare system.

I was so irritated after a phone call I received today that I had to do a podcast about it. Click on the audio player below to start listening to it.

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Nate says:

Right on, Rocco. What galls me even more is the attitude I get from such people when they find out what I spend on food. That I would have raw milk or wild-caught fish shipped to the office is unbelievable to them (“Why can’t you just buy the regular stuff in the super market?”). When I explain to those people the difference in quality all I get are blank stares or ridicule. No one believes that there’s anything wrong with the processed junk that they put in their bodies every day.

I love when people break my balls about how I eat… all I say back is, “Thank you and have a nice day.” Then I hear from them a year later asking me for advice about eating right and exercising because their doctor wants to put them on statins and calcium blockers. Again I say, “Thank you and have a nice day”… and eat my expensive food.

Dale says:

Tony Robbins, in his book Unlimited Power said, “Sell your car and buy a juicer”. Look at the low income people who eat processed food. Better yet, let me go to a local Asian Buffet and take some pics and interviews of the people there. They are in poor health, overweight, and trying to save money on food.

Good post Roc