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From: Rocco Castellano

Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

It’s not easy finding “real” relevant information on delivering exercise programs for the Autism Spectrum population?

One of the biggest problems in creating or building a fitness program is that there was no assessment tool to establish that baseline for your program… until NOW!.

Almost every practioner hits the same wall… where do I start?

Every Autism client is different in their skill set, physical abilities, cognitive understanding and adaptive responses… it becomes very frustrating… I know.

…If you are currently working with or plan to work with anyone on the Autism Spectrum you need to learn how to assess your client from all three satges of ability…

For Only $237.00 My “Full Day” Autism Fitness PAC Profile Assessment Toolbox Workshops give you a real time, interactive place to learn the best way to assess and build exercise programs for your clients.

But Before You Read Another Word Of This Letter I Want You To See What Other People Who Have Attended My PAC Profile Workshops Have To Say…


Stop the frustration of trying to find the right exercises and activities for your clients on the Autism Sprectrum. Register now for a Workshop nearest you.

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Here’s to creating a better World in the Autism Spectrum,

Eric Chessen

Leading Authority in Autism Fitness

Creator – PAC Profile Assessment Toolbox

P.S. Remember this is a proven assessment and program design system specifically for practioners who want to get the best results from their clients on the Autism Spectrum. I’ve done all the work for you, all you need to do is show up watch this amazing process in action. Don’t wait, I only take 25 participants… I’m not kidding. Choose Your Location and Register Now. >>