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How to set and attain your fitness and weight loss goals

By on January 2, 2009
Setting and attaining your goals can be an overwhelming process especially if you have a bunch of weight to lose.  Although it can seem a little (to say the least) daunting, there are ways to relieve your stress of setting and attaining your weight loss goals.
1) Set one or two goals at time.  Once you have attained that goal set another and attain it.
2) Celebrate the small victories of those challenges
3) make certain that you take the weight off in small measurable chunks
4) Set realistic goals so that they will be attainable

To further help you with attaining your weight loss goals, I have sat down with my favorite registered dietitian Jayson Hunter to get his take on setting and attaining goals for 2009.

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Liz Donnelly says:

You and Jason are right on! Great tips for starting the new year right.