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How to Fix a Broken Fitness Business Model: Don’t Lie

By on April 22, 2014

This is the third video in a 4 video series that looks at the broken pieces of the Fit Body Boot Camp business model and addresses the problem of lying to your franchisees. I take you through why being “ethical” is the only way to do business and if you create a business model based on manipulation… then it is a house of cards built on lying.

If you have to lie to your customers to get them in the door and separate them from their wallet at some point they will figure out that you were dishonest. This is when the business model begins to get cracks in it. Your main goals are not to service your clients but to continually feed the sales funnel to get new blood. This is where many fitness Pros start to lose their bearings.

Watch the video and see if you or someone you know has done this… if it is you, then stop. If it is someone you know, then distance yourself from them.