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How to Fix a Broken Business Model Part 2: Spend Time

By on March 28, 2012

This is the second in a series of 5 videos dedicated to help the founders of Fit Body Boot Camp fix their Broken Business Model… and of course anyone else that needs help. In this video I explain the importance of spending time on on listening to the very people you are serving.

Really understanding their fears and what you can do to alleviate those fears. Fit Body Boot Camp as a licensed model asks for you to join a $10,000 dollar Mastermind Group as well as cough up $400.00 a month in order to fly the Fit Body Boot Camp flag. The real problem with this is that you need to know that the “brand” you have attached yourself to will do all the work and help you make a minimum of at least 10 times the amount you have paid for the license.

So, if we do the easy math… that would be $10,000 plus 12 multiplied by $400 ($4800.00) which equals $14,800.00. That means that you need to know “beyond a shadow of a doubt” (obviously I’ve been in a courtroom… I mean, seen CSI… too many times) that you will make $148,000.00 in the next year to justify spending that money. I want to hear from everyone of the supposed 400 or so boot camp owners that have made $148,000.00 in the past year from being associated with Fit Body Boot Camp. Hey… I love being corrected when I’m wrong.

If you feel like you have not received the attention you believe you deserve from being an owner, then I recommend you make sure you voice is heard by leaving a comment and sharing this blog post with the rest of the world.

mary gonzales says:

I went to the trainer/fitness model your talking about and had the worst experience of my life !!!. I later found out from them that the meal plan and protein were mirror copies he gave her to gain weight. You really need to report her to the BBB just call 311 and they will give you the number. Also report her to the Attorney Generals Office i still have my paperwork she will have her licence taken away and i still have my paperwork from.att gen we have her cornered she is a great lyer but we have the truth on our side and she gave all of us false information signed contracts and did not hold up to her end we have a great case she will have to pay all of us our money back the attourney general will make sure of that. If you have any questions or want to take this to court so we can have our money returned then contact me

Robin Decker-Kite says:

I loved what you had to say. Having been there at the beginning of Fit Body Bootcamp, I know what an absolute disaster it the business model was because there wasn’t one! Because I asked so many business questions Bedros and Steve couldn’t answer, Bedros quit answering my calls and returned my money (even though my husband did free legal work for them). All I can say is how glad I’m one of their “losers”. I personally would advise anyone interested in furthering their careers in the fitness industry to stay as far away as possible from these two characters…they only want your money.

Eirith says:

hey Rocco,

I am currently under the FBBC license.

I definitely have gotten nothing but losses from that business model.

Human billboards got me nothing.
lead boxes caused losses in time and money.
The coaching was nothing more than being told to look on a free blog (what a waste of money!)
Everytime I told them their ideas were not helping me, they just said I was doing them wrong and to keep trying.

Losses after losses after losses.

Then they want me to pay them back the $497 monthly I stopped paying since October. I couldn’t pay because their strategies did not help with any growth.

Since ignoring their strategies, reading all the FREE information from Sam Bakhtiar’s blog and other free resources, I’ve progressed into positive cash flow as opposed to being in the red trying to make bullshit tactics work.

Then they have the nerve to say I should stop disparaging them as a company because it makes me look bad. Now they are pursuing me to collect $3000 from me because I was not able to pay them the money back before. They tried saying they gave me the option to buy out for $1000, and they COMPLETELY LIED about that. I was NEVER given that option but these liars say I was. If I knew I had that option I would have taken it right away. So now I owe $3000 for service that was NOT delivered, a broken business model that put me in the red figures, and $3000 I owe THEM for frustration and anything but peace of mind.

Anyway, just sharing my experience with this horrible business model.