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How to Fix a Broken Business Model part 1

By on March 9, 2012

I knew this would happen… it always does. Emotions run wild and people start taking offense to words on a page or images in a video. It’s the way a “Blue Collar” or “Immigrant Mindset” processes thoughts.

Instead of basing anything on fact, people get angry… they want revenge, they want to “cut my balls off and shove them down my throat”! It’s amazing how some people took what I said in the other day’s observation of A BAD Boot Camp Business Model personally… no one should.

I received some hate mail as I knew I would… actually some emails were hilarious, threats against “cutting my balls off”, “Calling me a faggot… about fifty times”, Bedros was going to sue me for defamation”, all sorts of shit came my way. It’s fine and everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

Many of the people that wrote me obviously believe that I have something against Bedros Keullian and Steve Hochman and the Fit Body Boot Camp. I don’t… I really and truly don’t.

What I do have a serious problem with is the way that Fit Body Boot Camp is handled and the mess that is being left behind from Fit Body’s mismanagement.  I have several blog posts and Facebook Webinars that will be focused on “How to fix a Broken Business Model”… many of them that include video like the one below.

I have always believed that if you are serious about bringing change to an environment that you are not allowed to just bring attention to the problem but also offer “real” solutions. I have centered these videos around fixing the Fit Body Boot Camp business model but this can be applied to any “Broken Business Model”.

When you have 22 minutes do yourself a favor and click on the video below to learn “How to fix Your Broken Business Model.

If you want to understand how to create a better business model contact me now!

Kaz says:

Hi Rocco, I love your energy holy shit!

Here is how I see it, youre not wrong, and you’re right that you won’t make 120,000 bucks per month (at least thats how the video came across to me)

I read EVERY piece of info on ALL of their sites, bedros, steve and that other dude.

To your credit, you’re right

To their credit, ALL of their info on bulding the six figure business is found on their site for FREE.

I use all of their tactics and use it like how I would use a shotgun for fishing, very, very carefully.

I know all about energy, but sometimes you need to mellow down and direct that energy with clear communication. thats ONE thing I don’t use of Steve’s…the overtly loud energy type thing,. it works for classes but not for shooting fish with a effing shotgun, its powerful but its gotta be used carefully or you end up catching no fish.

Anyway, also to their defense (I’m being neutral here btw) I never once heard them promoting a six figure per month business which is what I think you meant by month 8 in your example. Such a thing can not be done at least not with ONE bootcamp.

BUT if you have 50 people at 90 bucks per month thats 4,500 bucks right? Thats 54,000 bucks per year, not bad, and especially something you killed a long time ago 🙂 (note I used an extremely low price point)

I know this for a fact, FBBC does not expect you to make 6 figures easily with just one BC but with multiple bootcamps and hiring out trainers (time leveraging) to run your BC for you. So 2 businesses at 54,000 per year makes it 6 figures a year, I know they promote the six figure thing alot but I DO know they mean it to be a per annual expression and not a monthly one.

And yes I know about the overheads and fees for running BCs but still the net profit is there. what I recommend for new BC owners is to make your own business and don’t license with them until you want it or can easily afford to, to gain global franchising edge (in the UK its not that powerful here)

There are many trainers here in the UK where this is happening around me and are happily using the FBBC model (although not using their flag)

The reason why I use their tactics is because the human billboard is not the end all be all, its just one thing you use, just like your biz you use PR, you use testimonials, you use all other forms of marketing and blend it together tocreate a massive marketing MACHINE this is what they use as well.

Human billboard is just a lead generator. it won’t give you six figueres on its own.

To your biggest credit, I believe that they should not be charging so much seeing that most of their stuff can be found for free.

Its the support (I guess) that they sell and the “confidence and assurance”. like Dan Kennedy said, people don’t pay you 5 figure coaching fees for “results” but for your confidence in giving them the result.(paraphrased from DK’s coaching course)

I never was a fan of licensing but the review I can caution people with is this, create your bootcamp FIRST, and with your pocket money from your thriving business get the FBBC if you want to.

Awesome energy awesome info thanks man.

But please don’t shout at me for pointing this out(as I still love you :)):
A:they promote 6 figure a YEAR business and not a monthly one (unless you have 10 BC locations)
B: ALL of their marketing material (which is awesome but only as good as the person who wields it) is free.
C: you are paying the 10K and monthly fees for the franchising edge and the franchising “confidence for success”

Thats my very long 2 cents.

Jim Wnek says:

Holy crap! Never thought anyone would just come out and call it like it is. I bought how to formula 5 dvd’s but didn’t sign up for the FBBC. You couldn’t say it better. Great stuff Rocco. Love your tagline – “Live up to your potential.” Awesome, awesome, awesome…. Very motivating and encouraging. Keep up the good work. I am a fan and will be back to the site for more kick ass info…


Doug Parra says:

Great post Rocco,

I like others can speak to the truth you speak. The dose of “rocco’s reality” is just what was needed.

Tina says:

Hey Rocco!
Awesome video. I’m making dinner while I listen to this. Sweet! Keep on inspiring my man : )


Servando says:

Thank You Rocco,

I am one of the lucky ones that never got into it but I do have some bootcamp problems that I chose to ignore. They are obviously not going away. I needed a kick in the butt to get me to confront them.

P.S. I was one of Steve’s client and talk about a broken system, his coaching is even worse that FBBC I am sure. I would love to share how NOT to do a coaching program. Let me know, just keep in mind its going to be long. CYU

Hey Rocco,
I was a victim of the Fit Body Boot Camp scam. I was told over and over again during my 7 minute coaching sessions with Cara Eckerman. More energy. Go to 50 businesses and show tons of energy and get those human billboards in place. I got myself kicked out of many hair salons. What a bunch of BS. How in the hell does it work for her ? I guess in a 1 mile square radius of Chino Hills it works. Good post my friend. Michael Giles

Spencer says:

HAHA love it, nothing ever fucking changes with people, passion and business as old as mankind itself…….i have been a trainer for over 20 years and had several fitness businesses – some hugely successful some not so!! And believe it or not i have a FBBC model that works a dream :)nessun problema Rocco Oh yeah! However i do like Pat Rigsby, Sam Bhaktiar, NPE, Dan Kennedy, Quantum physics, epigentics, Biology of Belief, Jay Abrahams et al!! But thanks for your advice dude i do like your passion…..keep it rolling
Ps you are way off the mark with Dr’s and cancer 🙁