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How a Toothbrush Changed My Life…

By on February 23, 2009

crest-spinbrush-proI know this sounds insane but…yes a toothbrush changed my life for the better… a Crest Spinbrush Pro to be exact.

For years I’ve been using a regular manual toothbrush and I tried all different models.  Soft bristles, medium bristles…rip your gums to pieces bristles and none of them ever cleaned my teeth without causing my gums to bleed.

I went to the dentist numerous times to address the hemorrhaging from my gums.  I thought when I got my teeth fixed that it may have caused them to become infected or just plain susceptible to bleeding.  It’s been annoying to say the least and downright painful on some mornings…and I have to tell you it’s just not attractive to be spitting out blood soaked toothpaste foam every morning.

So on the advice of a friend I sprung for the ten dollar Crest Spinbrush and have fell in love with this dental hygeine apparatus.  It’s awesome.  It massages my gums, gets underneath of them, cleans my teeth better then anything manual toothbrush I’ve ever had and it feels good so I’m actually brushing longer.  I find myself brushing more especially after meals.  I always brush after meals but somehow I feel like it’s a treat to go an give the old gums a little rub down.

If you can go pick one up and try it out for yourself.  Now watch my video of me brushing my teeth with my new Crest SpinBrush.

Adam Toohey says:

Welcome to the New World…

Man I was in the same boat… maybe gums didn’t bleed as much.. but I was still going with Manual…

First time I went Battery Powered I think I brushed my teeth for 7 minutes… lol

I love it… With manual id only ever clean em for 30 seconds MAX .. now 2 minutes is a breeze 🙂

Funny Stuff

Adam Toohey

Liz Donnelly says:

Great endorsement/great post! I better stop using my metal bristle brush and get with the program. Thanks for not snorting when spitting! Should I have averted my eyes…?