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He Lost 14 pounds in Seven Days…Wow!

By on May 7, 2009

30_in_thirty_ebook_138x200It looks like Lose 30 in Thirty is really kicking ass. Here is an e-mail from another one of my clients:

“Hey Rocco just wanted to let you know that it’s been 1 week (8days today) and I went from 174 to 160 already. I have also noticed that the more I keep doing this the more resistance I build my body hates this change, but I give it no option but to get used to it. Thank you for telling me not to stop working out no matter what.

It hurt like hell the first 3 days. I couldn’t even walk I hated your guts man honestly lol, but even though I couldn’t walk I still went and the day after that I was fine.

When I reach day 20 I will let you know. Man I am excited and looking for day 30. Until then, I won’t stop.

Thanks you once again Rocco but it isn’t over yet. ”

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