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Has Jennifer Nicole Lee lost her Friggin’ Mind

By on April 29, 2009

One thing that irritates the shit out of me is when fitness models turn fitness trainers become “Pitch Men/Women” for idiotic fitness products. I’m not going to say that all info-mercial products are bad becasue they’re not. i’m even coming out with one very soon.

The problem is that the “Direct Response” people see a “Hot” woman that has done well in the fitness business and are mesmerized by dollar signs $$$$$$$. Susan Powter succumbed to the “Insanity” of being pigeonholed and has still not gotten over it, if you read her irritatingly whiny books. (which I have…stupid me.) Let’s get back to Jennifer Nicole-Lee…I’m watching TV which I do on occasion and see a commercial for the “Ab Circle” and I keep watching because I personally became mesmerized at how friggin’ stupid this piece of shit fitness apparatus is. Is it me or is every fitness info-mercial about some idiotic ab machine?

This is a prime example of how many fitness professionals have no clue about how and where their brand should be perpetuated. For soem reason I am actually sad for Jennifer Nicole-Lee that she has gone down this excruciatingly painful road. She will absolutely realize how stupid this decision was when people buy the “Ab Circle” and find out what a piece of shit it is and don’t trust anything that comes out of here mouth again. Think about it…how many “Body by Jake” info-mercials do you see now…oh that’s right…none. He spewed all the garbage products he could and then all of a sudden no one bought a single piece of shit he pitched.

The “Ab Circle” is basically a rip off of the Sharper Image “Love Handler” that totally bombed in the marketplace because they didn’t have a “Fitness Mode” pitching it.  Also, so that you know that I’m not just bad mouthing something for the fun of it.  The “Ab Circle” uses way too much momentum to get any real ab workout and it places you lower back in danger of being hurt with the high torque swinging motion that you are made to do.

Here’s a video of the “Ab Circle” info-mercial. You can’t deny that Jennifer is “Hot” but the “Ab Circle” definitely is not.

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Denise says:

I had to laugh today when one was delivered to our office today. Supposedly for a coworker’s neighbor.

R.J. says:

That actually looks kind of fun…… haha

Maybe it’s me but…have you introduced “Crack” into your life?

Hm, I really thought JNL was smarter… Maybe they deceived her somehow… Or whoever gave her this advice should be fired…


I thought she could have been smarter but she obviously doesn’t know how she wants to represent her “brand”. She’s chasing money but will soon realize that her stupidity will cost her in the long run.

wow… I”m so disapointed in JNL – First you will never see those infomercial equipments in gyms, second, a good DIET and proper workout program will get you those abs.. The hard work always starts at the dinner table.


Isaiah says:

Wow! I’m not sure who this woman is that you’re talking about, but this piece of equipment is definitely a piece of crap. “Only two weeks for results like these!” Oh! I guess I’ve wasted all my years of studying the body, exercise & nutrition then! Unbelievable that people actually buy this stuff.

Sincere says:

Ummmm….why not just use an office chair with wheels, and hold on to your desk? haha, wow, the “con””trap”tions they produce for these infomecials never cease to amaze me. Unfortunately, the average viewer, who is up late at night, watching these crazy lies, are buying into the lie, as well as the proverbial quick fix.

if only they would stop getting hyped up by the mesmerizing pitch, and mesmerizing body of MS. JNL, to realize, Jennifer did not get that body with a swiveling office chair. Aye! Here are a fewtips to getting sexy abs:

1. Stop sitting in front of the TV, wasting time watching all of those infomercials. Get up and move. you burn more calories by actually being active, and not by watching a fitness model “be active” on an infomercial.

2. If the infomercial is on, during late night, go to bed! Your body needs rest to help reduce fat-causing stress. plus, you’re probably up late, and snacking while watching this madness.

3. Stop looking for a quick-fix for a problem that took a lot of time to create! It just doesn’t add up!

4. Stop worrying about your abs, and focus on your overall health. once you make the changes necessary to be healthier (by being more active daily, eating more natural foods, and stressing less), you’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel, and how your abs actually begin to become noticeable.

5. Next time, Ask Rocco 🙂

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Did you just give us one of those famous Sincere Hogan seminar.