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Happy New Year from Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano

By on December 31, 2008

In under 24 hours it will be 2009. Over the past year, 2008 has seen history made with the first African-American to become President as well as the worst economic implosion America has witnessed since the Great Depression. Bailouts for rich people, and a: “sorry that’s the best we can do” for underprivileged or poor people.

Life is not without it’s roller coaster ride of reality. Challenges and victories are forever around us. In the challenges we need to celebrate the small victories and in those victories understand the humility that allows us the opportunity to rise again to accept another challenge.

The human spirit is filled with determination and will to overcome. What will you overcome in this New Year? It’s not my call. That’s your dilemma. For right now I want you to celebrate your life and everything that God has given you…and celebrate the small victories.

Now watch my video for my special New Years message. Thank you for being part of my life and let’s face 2009 together. Happy New Year!

Yavor says:

Happy New Year Rocco!

Hey Rocco, Hope you have a Happy New Year! Thanks for the permission to slack on my work out today! We still need to schedule a time to get together with you so we can figure out our website problems. See you next year!

Paula 🙂

psychomom says:

Happy New Year Rocco!!

I’m taking a nice walk/run today and you know what, it’s FREE. Thank You for all the nutritional information, inspiration, your videos and for your fun and special personality. Salud mi amigo!