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Guys are so friggin’ Stupid at the Gym

By on October 8, 2007
Sexual Harassment at the gym

Question: I joined a gym; I guess I am pretty – blond, thin and a C cup. And that is my problem, I just want to workout and not get treated like a piece of meat. Guys are constantly checking me out on the treadmill and keep asking me out with one liners (like I am at a bar!). I signed a 2 year contract at the gym and I can’t get out of it (I tried). Any suggestions for how to get left alone while working out. It is not fare, I almost dread going to the gym. I have talked to girl friends of mine and they have had similar experiences at their gym. Can you give a service announcement to the guys that hit on girls and gym letting them know that we are there to workout.

Answer: There’s many ways to answer this question but I will limit my wrath to only two. First of all I personally would like to know the Gym you belong to so I can write about their stupidity in not addressing your concerns. You paid a membership fee to workout and lose weight, not be sexually harassed (BTW-that’s what it’s called guys…especially at the gym). If you are at a bar there is an inferred understanding that the girl may want to get picked up so asking might not hurt. At a gym or health club it is at least tacky and can be criminal. Of course the friggin idiot guys out there are going to say something stupid like “ Well they shouldn’t dress like that at the gym.” And I say, “You shouldn’t be that friggin’ stupid”. My advice is to write me back with the Gym name and number so I can deal with their sexual harassment policies and when a guy comes up to you starring at your breasts or asks you out in some tacky way…embarrass him. I say embarrass the sh** out of him. Tell him something like “with an ass like mine I don’t talk to a face like yours”. He may not get it but at least you’ll think it’s funny. If you can understand one thing about guys and their human nature, most of them are too stupid for their own good. If they bother you, bother them right back. When I owned gyms I used to take idiots like you’re describing and take them out back and beat them into a bloody spot, but that’s me.