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Google Hangout Workshop Thank You

A Personal Thank You from Rocco Castellano

Thank you so much for taking the next step towards your Ultimate Success.

Before you come to the Dominate or Disappear 2 Day Workshop there are a few things you need to do and be aware of in order to make this workshop as awesome as you want it to be.

Those things are…

Create Facebook Advertising Account… You should already have a Facebook account and Fanpage. In your Facebook account you will see an “Ads Manager” If you don’t know how to “create” an account click here: Add Credit Card to Facebook Account
Bring with you Current Sales Scripts… Most importantly the sales script you use when you answer the phone when a lead calls you for information.
Write Down Specific Goals… Goal setting and goal getting seem like an abstract idea but we would like you to use our worksheet to put to paper your business goals for the next 12 months. We will show you how to achieve every single one of them. Click Here to Download worksheet
Print out your Sales Pipeline… Basically we want you to show us how you produce leads everyday. The actual process that you perform… How you collect the lead, how that lead connects with you, How you convert that lead… and all of your upsells, down sells, and cross sells.
Share your Marketing Strategy… Bring with you a current outline of your Marketing Strategy. We will be analyzing, commenting and redesigning Marketing Strategies on the fly in order to get more people in your Pipeline while you are with us at the Workshop.
Workshop Itinerary… This is an hour by hour itinerary of what’s in store for you during the Dominate or Disappear 1 Day Workshop. If you have any questions please give us a call at: 702.943.0118 or email us at: Download Now.

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