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Get the F@#k Out of Here Tony Little!

By on June 8, 2009

tony-littleAren’t we all just about sick and tired of Tony Little and his piece of shit exercise junk? This is the exact reason I have never jumped into the info-mercial business to sell other peoples shit. For over 15 years we have been watching Tony Little peddle this garbage on unsuspecting consumers.

It has been 10 since the FTC (federal Trade Commision) decided enough was enough and slapped Tony and his gang of unmerry men a lawsuit for The Gazelle Glider. Now he’s at it again with something that is so incredibly stupid, I was afraid to put it on my blog for reasons I might catch the stupidity illness that poor Tony suffers from.

His latest fitness gadget (or piece of shit) and soon to be in garage sales everywhere is the “Rock and Roll Stepper”, come on now Tony haven’t we had enough? What are we supposed to do with this thing really? Besides kill ourselves.

If you have any comments on other uses for this piece of shit please unload them in the comments box. Now watch this horror show…ummmm, I mean video below.

Dukie says:

I’ve come to the conclusion that his ponytail is fake. I have a vision of Rocco swiping it from his head on national television.

Actually the ponytail isn’t fake. He’s 51 years old and wears his long hair like some hippie.

Dan Go says:

I think I just lost a million brain cells watching that piece of shit.

Tim says:

Good call on this one. I think I bought his “Ab Rocker” about 10 years ago…total piece of crap. I don’t even know where it ended up…probably clogging a landfill somewhere.

Doug Parra says:

What a douche. This guy has absolutely no integrity to sell crap like this.

Douche doesn’t even come close to the real word that should describe him.

Naomi says:

This might work for the same crowd considers clapping exercising…

…clapping as exercise…I think that’s my new product! Clap your way to fitness. Thank you so much for that million dollar idea.

Eric Moss says:


Not that long ago I got an email from a company affiliated with Tony that said “You can have the reputation of Tony Little by promoting his stuff.” I would much rather NOT have his reputation.

Rocco…yer the man!

Thanks Eric…but really wouldn’t you rather the reputation of someone who has sold “over 3 billion dollars” worth of crap…really.

harry says:

It doesn’t look like Tony uses his own product…he’s looking really chunky in the video. What a joke!

…yea I guess turning 50 can do that to you. Or maybe his ponytail makes him look fat!

Liz Donnelly says:

This video speaks for itself. Unbelievable snake oil salesmanship at its finest. -Liz