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Fruit or no fruit…that is the question.

By on October 2, 2008

Question: Ok, so I have seen so many different diets lately and heard different things on TV about fruit so I thought you might know……….

Some say to stay away from fruit when you are on a diet because it is high in sugars while others say to eat as many fresh fruits and veggies that you want. SO what gives here? Stay away or EAT UNTIL YOU BUST???????????


Answer: What are you trying to accomplish? Lose fat, inches…gain muscle?

The only time I tell clients to limit their fruit intake is when they are going into competition like figure, bodybuilding or beauty pageants. Other than that you should be eating as much fruit as you possibly can. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of carbohydrates that you can get into your body. They breakdown faster and are utilized as fuel more efficiently.

Whoever told you that fruit in bad for you is absolutely full of shit. Fruit has everything you need; fiber, Vitamin-C, high water content (for hydration and regular bowel movements), and the sugar in fruit is actually treated like a complex carbohydrate, so you don’t get sugar rushes and it converts to glycogen easily more muscle energy. I know it’s tough with all the misinformation out there in magazines and on infomercials but here’s a little advice. If it sounds too stupid to be true it usually is and if you ever need to clear things up, you always have my e-mail:

magpie says:

Thanks for the intelligent response – I get so frustrated with the diets that give fruit such a bad rap.