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Change your Credit/Debit Card Numbers

By on March 13, 2012


Change Your Credit Card Numbers Every 6 Months

Change Your Credit Card Numbers Every 6 Months

Hey everybody Rocco Castellano here, I really want to talk to you about something that a lot of people just don’t even have on their radar.  And you know, with the internet now and with all the stuff that we do digitally and pay for things, most of us don’t carry money around.  I don’t.  I literally have $1 in my wallet.  And that $1 just happened to be change by accident.  Somebody messed up on my debit card and they had to give me a dollar.  It was a mistake… so now I have a dollar.


So, most of us don’t really carry cash around.  Or when we do, we still put the debit card in the ATM and we get the cash out.  One thing though… I’m a freak about security.  I really am.  If you guys know me, I’m always giving some type of safety tip.  Many of my safety tips revolve around finances or insurance.   I’m always looking at ways to make sure that you’re not vulnerable because your peace of mind can be totally disrupted when something goes wrong at the bank, with your debit card, with your credit card, or somebody stealing your identity.


Its’ really easy now to steal somebody’s identity.  I’m not going to go into it because I don’t want to teach people how to fuckin’ do it cause that would be wrong of me.  I want you to take your card and I want you to only use one card and I prefer it be a credit card.  Not a debit card. Debit Cards expose your bank account and cash too much. Watch this video at


The one thing that I want you to be able to do is pay online with that same card.  If you have online payments, if you have subscriptions, if you have any recurring payments, always use the same card.  Only use one card for that, because if you use three different cards or more, it’s going to be very confusing for you… one card and done.


When you use one card, it’s going to make life for you a lot easier.  And then every 6 months, I want you to change your credit card number.  You see, if you only use one card online, you’ll only have to change that credit card number.  You won’t have to change your address, you don’t have to change all that stuff.  It’s only one card number.


Yeah, it’s kind of a pain in the ass if you have 10 recurring payments or 10 subscriptions  but the thing is…  if you change it, you get into that routine and you mark it on your calendar it becomes easier and easier.  Mark it on your calendar, every 6 months  on a Sunday or a Saturday and spend an hour.  It’s one hour’s time.


I do it every 6 months and all I do is call the bank.  I say listen, I want a new card.  I shred that one and they bring me a new one.  That’s all.


If you change your credit card number every 6 months – it’s very unlikely that you will ever have a problem with identity theft.


These are things that most people in the fitness industry don’t even think about.  They have no clue.  … I’m going to pay for gas, I’m going  here, go there.  And then all of a sudden their credit card numbers are stolen, their identities are stolen and then boom you’ve gotta deal with a problem – you’ve gotta spend a lot of time instead of working … you’re spending time on something that could have easily been taken care of in 1 hour.  Now you’re spending 2 days, 3 days, 7 hours at a bank.  You call on the phone, crying, bitchin’… boo fuckin’ hoo.  If you could just, every 6 months change your credit card number and only use one card, that’s all you have to do for a little peace of mind.

Use one credit card and preferably one with rewards.  So if you can get an American Express Card – Now, I’m not endorsing American Express, but it’s a charge card and you usually get triple rewards.   I’m going to talk about using your charge card as a business tool in a different blog post/video.

Once you learn how to use a financial institution’s tools to actually make money and save money, you will always going to be better off.


Now I don’t want to be talking like the Frugal Gourmet or Sally coupon clipper, but I want you to be safe.  I want you to have peace of mind.  So every 6 months change your credit card number.  Call the bank.  Mark it on your calendar and change those numbers.  You’re going to be a lot healthier mentally because of it.

June says:

Really a great adivce! Thank you very much!

Greg Justice says:

Great advice, Rocco, and an often overlooked area of our business and personal life.