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Fitness Marketing: Fitness Pros need to keep their egos in check

By on December 23, 2008

Let it be known that if stupidity rears it’s ugly head I will be the one to chop it off.  Well there’s been a phenomenon going on that is basically stupidity on steroids.

My contemporaries… if I may even call them that, have been doing the fitness enthusiast and fitness consumer a huge disservice without even realizing the consequences of their stupidity.

Most of the time up and coming fitness professionals believe they have everything figured out and that their product or workout program is the end all be all to everyone they encounter’s fitness dilemmas. Well let me clue you in Ein… Fuckin’… Stein… that’s not the case!

Not everyone can do your program and there are plenty of people out there that can benefit from other fitness professional’s programs.

Is a busy mom who needs to lose 15 pounds going to benefit from my “Lose 30 in Thirty” Fitness Program?  Maybe… but I can tell you that she would be…waaaaaaaaaaay better off going to Holly Rigsby’s Fit Yummy Mummy site then using my program.

Why you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you… because I don’t know how it feels to be a busy mom and I really don’t care to know.  Does that make me an asshole?  Yea, maybe… but my expertise is in extreme fat loss and pageant fitness.  That’s what drives me… what drives Holly is her passion to get moms just like her the body they always wanted.  Why am I harping on this subject, because most fitness professionals don’t realize that their program only fits a certain percentage of the population and to be a “real” fitness professional you need to know that other programs may be better suited for your clients and customers.

Stop being so friggin’ pig headed and come over to reality.  Now watch the video for the visual stimulation of this blog post.

Yavor says:

I’m a little embarrassed cause maybe I’m a sometimes guilty of this too.

It just takes time to become an expert. The more I read and practice, the more I realize the so-called rules always have exceptions.

Marketing also plays an important role here. One of the major gimmicks people use is to oppose their method against every other method as being the best. This sort of us vs. them mentality is beneficial as far as marketing numbers go, but if it is truth we are after, we need to wake up to reality.

The good news is studying marketing will set you free to distinguish sales tactics from truth.