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Fitness Marketing: Distraction is stealing 40 Hours from You

By on June 30, 2014

Did you know that distraction in your business is a silent killer? It’s costing you 40 hours of unproductive time each and every single month. Imagine, for a second, what you could do with 40 extra hours of time that’s available to you to grow and build your business. We don’t realize that we are so distracted that when we finish at the end of the day we think that we have worked hard but are really not accomplishing anything in our business.

We’re distracted by Facebook, Twitter, all social media, non-relevant calls, e-mails – no wonder we can’t get anything done. Let me prove this to you – let’s say you’re distracted two hours per day. In a week you’re distracted for 10 hours. In a month, that’s 40 hours of distracted time – that time is stolen from you, and you will never get it back. Time that can help you build and grow your business.

You see, in order to work at our peak and give our best to build our business, what we want to get into what is called “flow state”. There’s a book written called “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  and it is explained that in our flow state we produce our best work and ultimately, get the best return on our time investment. If we are constantly distracted throughout the day, we are inhibited from  creating a flow state.

Another problem with distraction – it’s like going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland – you go in a sometimes you don’t come out. If you do come out it’s a long time later and you’ve lost your flow. Think about this for a moment… if you’re distracted for 15 minutes, quickly checking a Facebook post or posting something on social media, your brain needs to readjust and it takes you another 15 or 20 minutes to get back into your work, so you’ve lost up to 45 minutes, maybe, by just being distracted for 15 minutes.

plannerLet’s go one step further and identify how much time you’re wasting by being distracted every day. A simple exercise I’ve asked my clients to do recently is carry around a little notebook or planner and write down, every single hour, what they’re doing in chunks of that hour to see where they may be getting distracted or worse just wasting time.

I implore you to try this little “distraction busting” exercise and see what happens.  Do it for two days and determine where you may be wasting time.  Most of the time you aren’t consciously wasting time to intentionally be unproductive, you’re wasting time because the technology, the tools, the environment you’ve set up, is causing you to be distracted.  Take some time and rebuild and organize your business tasks so that they compliment each other and help you create a “Flow”.  If you know that email and Facebook are your biggest distractions that do not check email in the middle of your work day. Choose a time, like 7am, at the beginning of your day and put a time limit on answering your emails… and keep to it. If Facebook is a distraction then schedule your posts so they will post automatically.

Distraction is a silent killer in your business and it sneaks up on you. Let’s take away this sneaky bastard’s power and put a strategy in place to get back the 40 or so hours that could be put to good use creating a better experience for your clients and more income for you.

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