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Fitness Expert vs. Certified Trainer: What’s the Difference?

By on June 17, 2008

Question: You call yourself a fitness expert. What is the difference between a fitness expert and a certified trainer?

Answer: The biggest difference between a real “fitness expert” and a trainer is the amount of time and purpose they have put into research and understanding their clients’ needs. Any certified trainer can throw a workout at you and tell you to do it, but without necessary experience with that client and their needs what the hell is that workout going to do. No one and I mean no one has time to play “trial and error” or “let’s see if this works”, especially if their looking for real results. So what I’m telling you is that a fitness expert has experience in working with the people they claim they can help.

Every person’s different and without a basic working knowledge of what works and what doesn’t you have no foundation on which to lay your bricks. Specific experience and a specialization is what an expert has. Many trainers out there try too hard to be everything to everyone. Just because you like what you do doesn’t mean you should be doing it. I have seen way too many trainers who love what they’re doing but have caused many an injury because they didn’t know what they were doing. You will find that trainers barely last 3 years in this business. Most don’t have the intelligence to know they are too stupid.

Here’s a clue…they’re not fooling anyone. In short, fitness experts are still learning and teaching…most trainers still need to learn.