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Fat People are Stupid… and then they die!

By on March 16, 2009

stuffing-your-faceThis is one of those things that pisses me off beyond belief.  I have many motivational type quotes that I use and have used over the course of my career, one being…”Fat People are Stupid and then they die!”. That quote breeds so much controversy and venom from fat people and now from idiotic fitness professionals…I think.

Let me begin by saying that I left a comment on a friend and colleague’s blog that asked for inspirational/motivational quotes.  I left a bunch of them including “Fat People are Stupid…then they die!” and someone decided (using initials not even their name) to respond to me in the comments section that “The amount of body fat a person possesses has nothing to do with their intelligence level”. Now whomever this person is should quit the fitness business if he/she is truly apart of this industry because anyone who condones fatness in this industry is themselves “Stupid”.

I don’t care if you are a member of MENSA, a Rocket Scientist, brain surgeon, heart surgeon, if you have the cure for cancer and you drop dead tomorrow at 40 years old or younger because of Obesity related issues… you are dumber than a box of rocks! You’ve wasted your life on gluttony and got what you deserve… Death by Stupidity.

So you can Boo Hoo all you want and make all the lame excuses you want but the reality is that if you are fat and don’t do anything about it, want to bitch and complain, want everyone to accept you for what you are… then you are “Stupid” and should and will die of a heart attack or something worse.

damn them says:

people need to get off there FAT ASSES and do some work, go for a half hour walk, it wont kill you if your not so fat that your fat has taken the places of your bones already. and instead of eating that gallon of icecream every night. say no. I WILL NOT EAT THIS ICECREAM. and if you cant. you need to go to the bathroom, face down in the toilet

Fat People are Immoral says:

You fat disgusting sh*its ought to have your jaw wired shut, that way you won’t be able to gobble down all the crap you do on a daily basis. I hate fat people who try to make skinny people feel bad about themselves, calling us skinny bitches and such yeah I know you’re just jealous ! Get your fat cottage cheese ass to the gym and while you’re at it change the way you eat and get a pack of Dieters green tea it makes you shit a lot and helps to break down fat. I’m not saying you should continue to eat your ice cream with a shovel and expect this tea to help you because it doesn’t work like that, eat healthy fatso enough with the excuses.

Okay Spunky… relax! People say I have anger towards fat people… whew.

amanda says:

Well I agree with this but on the other hand me being fat myself will say I’m not stupid but I do make stupid food choices sometime I don’t exercise because I feel bad and feel lazy because of my weight but to be rude about it is kinda being an ass.

Jenn says:

You’re right. I spent so much money buying fresh vegetables at the Whole Foods store, yogurt, whole grains and oats. I followed a healthy diet and exercised every morning. It was amazing. I lost 50 pounds in 2 months! Then I graduated from high school and started college, had to live on a budget eating affordable and disgusting foods. It made me so sick and I gained all of the weight back and then some from the 24 hour class schedule and lack of sleep or exercise. I’m now almost 20 and I’m 320 pounds! I’m doing horribly in school because I’m so depressed and sick. I’m wasting all of my grandparents’ money on this fancy private college.

I met a man who looked at me like I was not disgusting a few months ago. He’d been on an expensive dieting program and was losing weight. Since he’s been going out with me, he’s had to stop to keep up with his job, college, and me. We always promise one another that we’re going to go to the pool on the weekend or buy a month’s worth of healthy food, but we never have the time or the money.

Just two weeks ago, I started getting really bad fevers, I’ve been unable to breathe and have been coughing up blood. I’ve lost 20 pounds since then, because my body won’t hold anything but water, sugar-less tea, and crackers. My blood pressure has plummeted dangerously so many times and I’ve been in and out of the hospital nearly every day. My now-fiancee cries a lot, he says he’s so scared of losing me.

I think that what you say is a bit rude and thoughtless. But I do agree with you. I am stupid and maybe tomorrow I will die. And all of the people that I love so much, it will be all my fault that they had to attend my funeral before I could even finish college or get married.

As soon as I get better, I will do whatever it takes to become healthy. Even if I have to withdraw from college and get a job to pay for it, I don’t want to be fat and stupid. I want to live a long and happy life with the man I love.

Shannon says:

Rocco, I understand what you are saying. You are very blunt and straightforward. Some people need that though. At first I was ticked off because I’m a big girl (not 200 pounds over weight, but still big). Then I watched the video and I agree. I am a big girl but I have made the decision to not be anymore. In the last 6 weeks I have lost 20 pounds and unlike most fat people I am not on some fad diet. I’m doing it the right way. You can’t diet, it has to be a lifestyle change.
So, I agree. If you are fat don’t tell me your gonna lose weight, then stop at McDonalds and buy 5 burgers and eat them on the way home. Too many fat people are looking for a quick fix. That’s why they try these fad diets, lose 50 pounds then gain it all back. Quick fixes don’t work. Yet they keep doing it over and over. I’m sure we all know the definition of insanity.

Keep kicking ass and comeback and tell me and my readers about your progress.

I know! People all over the world suffer from famine, genetic diseases, poverty, etc.— but people who are healthy to start with, and living in a prosperous country, can’t get their sh*t together and preserve their health by following a few sensible things…

It gets me so mad that people piss away their lives..

Ricardo says:

Characteristics of fat people, on the inside because we all know about the outside

Stupid, waste money on stupid stuff and they expect results by doing nothing

Insecure, afraid to take a step towards being less fat today

Selfish, 38 year old male father of two children (6) and (8) dies of a heart attack while drinking with his friends at a barbecue. What is more important; A burger and a beer, or your family?

Lazy, all they have to do is start moving, walking, running or bodyweight exercises just do something dam it. Get off the dam couch, chair and bed

Ungrateful, when a professional or anyone tries to help them, they just make excuses instead of saying thanks and do whatever they are supposed to do to make a change in their life. No matter how much you train them, some of them end up eating and drinking the same crap.

Those are the ones I have on my mind.

Thanks for the great post.

LeAnn says:

I’ve been laughing when I think of this post! Thanks Rocco! I love you man.

Liz Donnelly says:

How did you get that pic of me eating breakfast?

Liz Donnelly says:

Well put, Rocco! To accept your fatness is no different than accepting that you’re going to die of any number of preventable diseases. If they feel uncomfortable, that’s a sign that they know they need to change…