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Fat Friends? Kick them to the Curb…

By on December 10, 2008

One of the most annoying things that I can think of, is when one of my clients, subscribers or followers tell me that they think their fat friends are undermining them.  I hear this more then I would like to.  Fat friends that don’t support you in your weight loss efforts aren’t real friends of yours and need to be dismissed as such.

Any weight loss and exercise program not only takes your determination to want to change your life but it also takes the support of your family, friends and co-workers.  In the words of Hillary Clinton… it takes a village.  If your friends are not there to support you and they give snide remarks or break your balls about “how thin you are” then you have two choices… slap them in the head (which I would do) or be less violent and “kick them to the curb” and find new friends that share the same goals and aspirations.

Check out the video for more on Fat Friends.

First of all congratulation for such a great site. I learned a lot reading article here today. I will make sure i visit this site once a day so i can learn more.

Lauren says:

Yo Rocco,

So loving these emails and these videos. Finally, someone who has the balls to just tell the truth. Keep it up! I watch your stuff in the mornings over coffee and my training/power breakfast. Seems so fitting…so to speak.

Thought I might have seen you at the AMA’s luncheon in November. The marketing director for Urban Active was the speaker. You would have had a field day there! So many things for you to “go Rocco” on.

Happy Holidays.

Nii says:

Keep speaking the truth Rocco. The truth always hurts!

Liz says:

you crack me up! What if a person doesn’t have any friends? (Well, I don’t get out much, okay?)

Lauren says:

Who needs jealous friends?! When you are fit and healthy and look like a million bucks you owe it to yourself to have supportive friends who are proud of your accomplishments and will not rip on you for looking like a Rockstar.
For those people who are content being lazy and making their own gravy from their sweaty rolls of fat, let ’em whine. I’m happy having hot friends who sweat it out at the gym, making sure their asses look good in their jeans and their men notice their hard work.