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Rocco-Standing-TransDear Fellow Entrepreneur,
Whether we agree with it or not Groupon, Living Social, and all the daily deal sites have spawned new customers
Buying your favorite item at your local small business at a discount is not embarrassing anymore. You do not have to cut coupons and take them out at the cash register while the checkout clerk gives you that look that makes you feel cheap and embarrassed.


Not only have they completely taken the embarrassment out of discount buying, they have created a habit in all of us. We are now accustomed to checking online for coupons and discounts first before we make that exciting purchase. And all of a sudden it is the cool thing to do.


So where does it leave local small business owners?


You have a few choices driven by this market trend. You can get on the wagon and make this profitable or chose to stay out and fight your way through it, even though your customers are signing up in droves with your competitors and taking about it at the water coolers and barbeques parties they throw every week.


And if you chose to use this trend to get new business and grow your cash flow, We have some good news for you. We ran an experiment with a friend who owns a bricks and mortar boot camp business in Chicago. Without any capital we literally opened up a local fitness business with multiple locations, all from daily deals sites. In addition, we are going to turn this into six figures within the first year of operation.


Now just imagine this for a second: if you already have a business that is doing well and you been around for a year or more, the ability to grow your business fast is just around the corner.


With our combined 22 years of online experience  providing SEO Services, building online businesses and partnership in two offline bricks and mortar stores, we help our clients figure out the success formula to make money and get repeat buyers with these daily deal sites


And it did not stop there. We did it over and over again with different companies in different niches.


We totally uncovered the success formula. You see, anyone can be successful not once, but over and over again.  And if you are successful multiple times, then all success leaves clues and insights.


In this book we have done just that. We have taken practical easy-to-implement steps that work to turn most coupon promotions into a profit right upfront.


These are simple and easy steps, but it does require a few hours of work on your part.


They keys to success are:

  1. Using Groupon promotion in a very different way than most small business owners to drive the maximum number of coupon sales

  3. Setting up a simple system at the time of redeeming a daily deal voucher where you automatically set up the customer to buy more items at full price from you

  5. Making small, simple tweaks along the way in your daily deal promotion to get the maximum amount of cash now, irrespective of how you have done in the past


RC_DailyDeals_3D_Cover2We have taken these steps, broken them down, and I am confident that you will be able to ride the daily deal coupon wave and get new customers.


Daily deals and coupons are here to stay, and it is our privilege to be your coaches along that journey to make your business prosperous, profitable, and stay ahead of the trends.


We want to give you the First Chapter of our book and an extremely informative companion video to help you have a successful next Groupon, Living Social or Daily Deal Campaign.


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