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Rocco-Standing-TransDear Fitness Pro,

Whatever bottleneck you have in your business we want to help unclog it and fill up your pipeline with highly qualified leads in the next 30 days… but before we begin… we have a little confession to make…

My partner and I are coming to your area with our Dominate or Disappear 1 day workshop we’re we will personally take you through the step by step process of how to Dominate in your local market and build a business that will deliver new clients every single month to your studio and set you up to grow your business financially instead of breaking your balls and living month to month just trying to get by.

When you read all the way to the end, you will discover how to change the way you do business forever.

You may not realize this because you are struggling right now, barely paying your bills or you’re making good money but working your ass off and not growing the way that you would like…because there is one major problem holding you back to get success in life… and you’re only three feet from gold… and you don’t even know it.

Let us tell you a quick story

think-and-grow-rich-prosperityIn Napoleon Hill’s bestselling book, “Think and Grow Rich” he tells the story about RU Darby and his uncle who caught gold fever during the gold rush.

R.U. Darby’s uncle heard about the riches that were being ‘found’ and struck in mining for gold out on the western frontier, So he left Maryland to journey to Colorado and stake a claim of his own! After some preliminary digging, he discovered that he had found a deposit of gold so vast that it boggled everyone’s mind! Some thought they had found the biggest goldmine in history. So he traveled back to Maryland to ‘raise’ the funds to buy and install all the equipment they needed to mine the gold.

On the return trip to Colorado, both Darby’s Uncle and Darby staked their claim and went directly to work mining the gold. The first car they pulled out filled with ore was sent to the smelters to determine the gold content… When the results came back it only proved that this indeed had been one of the richest finds of gold in history! Of course everyone was blinded with dollar signs and crazy wealth fill their dreams. They ‘knew’ in a short time of mining they would have amassed more wealth than they had ever dreamt of!


GoldRushSo they fired up the drills and went after the gold with a vengeance; and that’s when they hit their wall! Something happened. The gold ‘vein’ had mysteriously disappeared! It was nowhere to be found – they kept digging, and digging, and digging further down, but it was to no avail … it just wasn’t there! They desperately tried and tried and tried some more! Their hopes and dreams of great wealth had all been dashed and came crashing down like a ton of bricks. You could hear the boom for miles around… life just got real… and absolutely sucked.

Down and out, depressed, and dragging their feet, with their shoulders stooped – they finally decided to quit.

So they decided to walk away from it, and sell it for whatever they could sell their equipment for. They found a man who bought junk for pennies. The ‘junk’ man bought all their machinery and equipment for a few hundred dollars. The Darby’s took the next train back home to Maryland.

The Junk Man decided to bring in a mine engineer you know a  specialist and take a  look at the mine and do some analysis. Well it didn’t take long for this specialist to discover what the Darby’s had done wrong, where they had made their mistake. It turns out as he explained to the junk man; the Darby’s had overlooked or were unaware of “fault lines.”
He further explained that according to his calculations, the huge gold vein would be found again just three feet away from where the Darby’s had stopped drilling! Holy Shit! Three Feet from where they were drilling!

Needless to say, they started drilling in the place the specialist had indicated and … and the Gold Vein was found exactly three feet away!

You can gather that the junk man took in MILLIONS of dollars in gold ore out of the mine simply because he had the presence of mind to seek a specialist or expert before he gave up.

If you’re frustrated that you’re not getting clients and your business is stuck despite how hard you’re working then you literally may be… just three feet from gold.

What worked for your fitness business in 2010 -2011 has very little influence over your potential customers that will prompt them to call you and take action.

Let us prove it to you. Do you have a pipeline full of customers who are ready to work with you? Think about that for a second…

If you don’t then something is obviously wrong.

You’re most likely missing an important piece to your business and you don’t even know it. It’s alright… many fitness pro’s don’t know what they don’t know. That’s where you just got lucky.

… it’s not your fault. You are trying to solve difficult business challenges on your own like the Darby’s did… without the right knowledge required to succeed today.

Bugs Bunny in a Rabbit Hole As you may likely know… you’re just throwing money down the rabbit hole… hoping and wishing it will multiply… and all that comes up are rabbits holding carrots.

If you want clients in today’s market and you want, people to follow you… there are two things you need:

# 1… Get Massive Local Attention! Despite what you believe most of your ideal clients don’t know you exist yet. You have to attract your client’s attention fast and keep their attention over a short period of time until they buy from you. You have to become known and literally be so well known in your market that you become the only choice for them… and actually Dominate!

# 2… Work on the right and most important challenge in any small business. Keep your sales pipeline full everyday.  When you do this, there is absolutely no personal or business problem you cannot solve. When you do average marketing, following yesterdays antiquated marketing strategies you become average… that’s just how it is.  When you’re average just like all the other trainers you slowly disappear into an ocean of mediocrity. Without filling your pipeline you work on the wrong problem and your business becomes a struggle and you feel it.

We together want to be your mining engineer, like in Napoleon Hill’s story and literally hand you over the map and give you everything so all you have to do is follow instructions and dig, and then you get to pull up all the shiny gold… or in your case all that green.

And to prove to you there is the new way of marketing we want to take all the risk and help you build a full pipeline of clients.

My partner and I are holding a workshop in your local area. Dates and Times of the next workshop are below this letter.

This event is for fitness professionals that want to fill up their pipeline with qualified leads in the next 30 days.

Here is what we are going to reveal in the workshop:

checkmark… The Relationship Funnel.  The 5 specific steps you need to build a relationship with your leads that gets them to pay full price for your service. We will reveal the full relationship funnel to attract these clients to your business so that you build and fill up your sales pipeline. There is a new way this works in 2013.

checkmark… 8 stories you must tell on your sales page to attract your target clients and convert them into new members. I will reveal a sales page that converts 1 person to a trial membership for every 20 clicks that come to that page. Almost 90% of all fitness professionals don’t have all 8 elements and wonder why their website does not work for them!

checkmark… 4 Separate and must have stories to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. When you tell 4 stories using a specific formula your clients will instantly see you as the expert and want to work with you. We will reveal the formulas so that you can tell any story and clients open their wallets to pay you.

checkmark… What to specifically write on your blog posts, facebook and YouTube videos so that customers connect with you. All of these new channels require micro content. We will reveal for the first time how micro content used correctly can fill up your sales pipeline. Almost no fitness professional is using this to create a connection and fill up their sales pipeline.

checkmark… How to design your Facebook FanPage Account so that clients work with you and no one else. I will reveal what the three types of posts to turn fans into trial memberships and how often you need to schedule this three types of posts to dominate. For the first time you will turn relationships into clients without trial and error. I am going to reveal a live case study of a fitness business that went from 150 to 300 members in 6 months using this Facebook method. Once you apply this method you will immediately see new clients.

checkmark… We will show you how to close almost 90% of every sales call and what to say to close every prospect who contacts you. You don’t want to miss this session and could be easily worth a $100,000 to your business in the next 12 months. I am going to call fitness business’s live and you will see what they are doing to close clients. And then we will share with you specific strategies so that you can talk to clients the right way and close almost every person on the phone.  Your sales will skyrocket after this one session.

checkmark… Create an Action Plan for your Business to fill your sales pipeline. I will reveal a formula where all you have to do is spend one hour a day marketing and this will be enough for you to have a full sales pipeline so that you will Dominate in your Local Market. You never have to feel lost or confused about what to do everyday. Together we will work on a step by step daily action plan just for your business.

This is just a short list of some of the topics we will be covering and have a few more surprises for you… one of the surprise exercises and live demo will be worth thousands to you as soon as you get this!

… but this in not just some run of the mill, bullshit seminar. It is a real “workshop”.  You will actually be doing real work and engaging your potential client base while at this workshop.
When we first put a value on this workshop together we decided we were going to charge minimum… $497.

But since Rocco is a sucker for wanting everyone to be wealthy and discover the secrets he’s discovered over his 35 year career we decided we wanted to take all the risk and prove to you that this works and can literally fill up your pipeline with new leads. So if you want to get all this information and more then I suggest you take advantage of our early bird special and take action today.

If you think it’s a good idea to fill up your pipeline with potential customers… then this is a no brainer… and your early bird investment is only $97

We’re only taking 50 people for this workshop… and this is no “Scarcity” bullshit ploy to get you to sign up early… we are holding each workshop at our successful clients facilities… and most of these facilities are 2500 sq ft and smaller but are making well into the high six figures.  So the facility can only fit 50 people… and that’s all we’re taking. So register now and get a seat at the only workshop this year that will change the way you do business forever.

We want you to be able to feel and get the entire experience live with us.

This investment is less than a cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks a day for one month. The minimum we charge for our other courses and coaching is a $1000.

We want you to succeed so we’ve obviously made this a no brainer investment of just $97 only if you act today.

Don’t be like RU Darby and stop three feet from gold. You need the engineers blueprint for your local fitness business.

If you charge $60-100 per hour per client.  I guarantee you would make at least $5000 and more within the next 3 months with the specific strategies we reveal to you. If not we’ll give you your money back.  Just send us an email and let us know you did not make back your investment and we will refund your full $97.

No questions asked.

Register now. We only have 50 seats in this fitness facility for the next workshop and when the early bird registration closes the price shoots up to $197 which by the way will still be a huge bargain.

See you at the workshop.


Rocco Castellano and Neil Venketramen

P. S.  We will not be back in your area again for at least a year so this may be the only time you get to work with us live.
Remember you have 2 options. You can dominate in your market or watch your business slowly disappear.


 Choose the city of the Workshop you
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San Francisco

askROCCO Dominate or Disappear 1 Day Workshop
@ I Luv My Body Fitness Boutique… San Francisco
2211 Bush Street, San Francisco, 94115 (Get Directions)
Saturday, August 24, 2013
Registration 8:30am – Workshop starts: 9am