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Difference Between a Blog and a Website and What YOU Need

By on July 31, 2013

Today I want to share with you the difference between a blog and a website.

I get this question all the time and I want to share with you the difference and how it’s going to impact your small business, specifically when it comes to marketing.

toyota_13camryxlehybrid7a_angularfront_RegularLet me ask you this question – What’s the difference between the engine in a Toyota Camry and the engine in a BMW M6? 2013-Hamann-BMW-M5-Mi5Sion-FrontI know what you’re saying… why do I have to be an auto mechanic to understand marketing for my Fitness Business. You don’t… but bear with me for a second here, Sparky.  In fact, you may say that one car gets you to your destination faster than the other but, if you look at the travelling goal; it would be that both take you from point A to point B.

Most people I talk to would say that I’m an idiot and that the engine is the heart of the car and the reason you could travel from point A to point B… and they would be right for about 3 micro seconds, but if you’re stuck in L.A. traffic on the 405, 1024-commute_full_600it doesn’t matter what engine you have you’re still stuck in traffic… but I digress. You see, there’s no difference between a website and a blog for this discussion – at the same time, they’re just engines. A website has different coding and most likely is one big commercial for your business and from my experience a navigational nightmare. A blog is a relationship builder… and that’s why I think blogs are usually better.

Because our customers are much more sophisticated and web savvy then just 5 years ago they want to gather research or more importantly information before they like, trust and eventually buy from you.  Your philosophy, personality and knowledge is what will either attract customers to your business or repel them. Your customer will go on the internet and Google a keyword phrase and come to you blog because they think you have the answers to their problems. It is your responsibility when they get there… that there is ample opportunity to read about you, who you are, what you can do for them and how you have done it for many others in the past. Your blog is a way to show off and in that process make a real connection to your potential client.

website-screenshotIf you have a website, add a blog and put content on it every week.

One of the biggest reasons I love blogs is because it’s so easy to put up and it barely costs you anything. Most small businesses don’t have .html coders on hand and WordPress has made it almost crazy not to have a blog. If you have a domain name, you can set up a blog in literally a matter of minutes and have your first piece of content up in a minimum of one hour… and as an added bonus, Google loves the shit out of blogs. One reason is if you put up content consistently, Google will believe you are an information source relative to your keywords. That’s just cool.

blog-screenshotWith blogs you can add content pretty consistently without having to know much about websites and can just write if your heart desires. With website’s it may take you a little extra time to add content, for a blog you can actually add pages and pages and pages as fast as you can type.

Let’s take two businesses – Business “A” and Business “B” – and let’s assume they’re doing no SEO work on their blog at the moment. Business “A” adds 50-100 blog posts a year and Business “B” only adds 10 articles on their website a year. Which business do you think is going to get more traffic and eventually more sales to the business? And more importantly which one will Google love because they are giving out fresh important information? Obviously, it’s Business “A”. The reason is they have more quality content on their website than business “B” or at least that’s what Google thinks..

Blogs are inherently important in that they help you scale content at a faster rate. The more content you have, the more views you have, the more sales you have. Secondly, a blog will help you in the situation where you don’t have the technical skills like a website to manage and maintain it – blogs are very easy to do. Thirdly, blogs by themselves, the way they evolve, is they end up having a little bit more search engine traffic and you have to do a little bit less SEO work than a typical website because blogs have been coded and built in a way that makes it easier for your content to get found online.

bloggerNow, there’s one caution I want to throw at you – if you have a small business or a local business, use a blog platform such as blogspot or or any other place where they give you a blog account. Those blog platforms typically, because they belong to another site, could have advertising and some adverse content that your customers might not necessarily like.

Number two, when you have a blog, you want to collect the names and e-mails of clients so you can build up and form a relationship. When a client comes to your blog it’s a reflection of you, your business and what you stand for, so it’s always vital and important to build your own blog. You can use WordPress –download it, get a designer for a couple of hundred dollars or buy a theme from a reputable Theme creater like or Woothemes to make it look good and you can start building a real business.

For the most part Blogs are the way to go when you are starting a brand new business and want people to connect with you.

Rocco Castellano says:

Hey Franz… thanks. I write these for you guys out there in the trenches. Have you been watching our Google Hangouts at:

Great blog post. I really enjoyed it. Makes perfect sense and I agree that people want relevant content more than marketing and sales pitches. Your post is motivating me to get back to writing more often as well as to put a blog on my main website. Thanks again! Great info!!