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Criticize Oprah and get slammed with Stupidity…

By on November 13, 2008

I can not believe the incredible stupidity in the e-mails I received concerning yesterday’s blog post.

People, you are totally off message here. I received e-mails about everything from what a great humanitarian to how cruel I was for saying that Oprah takes money for appearances on her show.

For all of you that didn’t get it the first time. It was about how when she speaks …the diet scam people go into overdrive. Her audience clings on every word she speaks. So when she says that Acai berry is the new Super food even though it’s been around for at least a million years…give or take. The scam artists are out there pedaling “Acai Berry Diet Cleanses” that will take hundreds of pounds off of you without doing anything else.

It’s just not true.

The “Acai Berry Diet Cleanses” don’t work! And to add insult upon injury, the percentage of Acai berry contained in “the clease” couldn’t help a field mouse.

If you purchase this stuff to lose weight you be an idiot. If you purchase the extracts or drinks containing high percentages of the Acai Berry for the anti-oxident effects than I commend you.

The “Acai berry” in my opinion is a great food to counteract the damages from free radicals to our body’s systems at the cellular level.

If you don’t get it you never will. If you do…more power to you.

Tommorw’s post will show you why Dr. Nicholas Perricone specifically talked about Acai berry on Oprah’s Show. Stay tuned.

Jill says:

Re. your comment, “Here’s a little secret… to be one of the books on Oprah’s Bookclub it cost’s the publisher $10,000.00 dollars minimum to have her talk about it.”

I am not an Oprah fan; in fact I have never seen a complete episode of her show. However I question this charge that publishers pay to get their books on her book list. I think getting people to read is to be applauded, and I have no reason to believe that Oprah hasn’t read and recommended books she likes.

You can call me all the names you like, Rocco. But please provide a credible cite for your accusation.

Dinabogo says:

Hey Rocco, I don't need to loose 30 lbs but could stand to loose 10-15. I look forward to reading your books. I also wanted to tell you that I appreciated your article about Oprah….I personally can't stand the woman! It irritates me that everyone runs when she says GO!!!! She is not the person to be giving such information out seeing how she is so unstable herself!! Thanks for all of your wisdom. Dina Bogosian

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April's Fitness Journey says:

Man people who are so OPINIONATED about something that they totally MISS the real message really annoy me!! Instead of reading what is really THERE they read into it what they want to so they can have something to BIT*H about.
Don’t worry about the stupid people Rocco………they are always going to be there. I totally got what you were saying…………..
ALTHOUGH I still think the Acai berry is cool (and I don’t even watch Oprah!) If only because it has such a super cool name!! HA!!! (I have never tried it actually I just like to SAY it!!)

Psychomom says:

Consider the source; don’t listen to those followers who want to be told how to live and how to think. They are the same folks who are looking for that magic pill or berry to solve all their problems.

Oprah does it for the $$$$ then waits for praise. Who is she really doing it for? It really isn’t for the audience.