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Create a fitness habit before you buy a gym membership

By on December 30, 2008

New years resolutions abound with weight loss and fitness goals.  The number one New Years resolution is still some variety of  “I want to lose weight”.  I  ask that you repel the inclination to run out and sign up for that Gym membership right now.

All the stupid people are thinking that it is a good move to get there ass moving in the New Year and believe that a gym membership will do the trick. Gym memberships are a piece of paper and a deduction every month from your credit card.  I haven’t yet seen a credit card statement drag anyone’s ass to the gym yet. As part of your New Years resolution I would like you to promise to become and act a little smarter when it comes to your fitness and weight loss goals.

It is more important that you begin an exercise program on your own.  There are many program’s including several of mine that require no gym membership to get you started.  Consistency is the key, not a membership card.  When you feel you have made your fitness a priority and are comfortable with it becoming a healthy habit, then and only then would I advise you to spend your hard earned cash in these difficult economic times on a customer service deprived gym membership.  Good luck with your fitness goals and watch my video for a better understanding of why I’m asking you not to join a gym.

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thefightgeek says:

Couldn’t agree more about gyms!

Great post!


Kimer says:

Guess I am one of the lucky ones because where I work there is a free gym maybe not state of the art but 2 things I like about it no crowds and it’s free. But your right if you are only going to stick to a program for 2 weeks like many do in the New Year save the money and put the computer to good use and find those free workouts on the web.
Have a wonderful New Years eve and day Rocco 🙂

Hey Rocco – I found your blog through Chris McCombs site – I’ve had a chance to read some of your stuff and think you’re right on point with a lot of your info –

Yeah, Bally’s is your typical big box gym with crappy trainers and even worse customer service –

Thanks for not taking money out of out pockets – lol – And who likes going to the gyms when it’s packed like a zoo anyway..