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Cooking your Chicken Broth for Protein and Gelatin

By on February 8, 2011

Here is a video I did a while back to teach all you “non” chefs out there how to cook chicken broth for protein. 50% of all the body’s protein is in your connective tissue, and so it is for the chicken.

Very important amino acids such as proline and glycine are abundant in homemade chicken broth made from Chicken Feet. Proline and glycine are amino acids that specifically help with brain function and sleep disorders. While not only having an abundant supply of proline and glycine there is no tryptophan and cysteine which are amino acids that facilitate the aging process in your joints and at the cellular level… not a good thing!

So take a gander at my video, it’s less than 15 minutes long and should be fairly entertaining… and tell me how yours turns out. If there are any questions please leave them in the comment section for me to answer.

Lauren says:

Thanks, Rocco. It’s great that you went through the whole process. My husband also has some similar problems with his mind racing at night and at other times with being calm. We’ve tried just about every medication with regular doctors with varied, but limited success. My gut tells me his problems are diet related but I haven’t been able to figure out what the fix is. Something tells me getting these proteins in him will do him a lot of good. He’ll eat whatever I cook him (he says he loves what I cook), so in addition to soups for dinner, I’ll try giving him a “drink this dear before you go to bed” and see how it works. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report back in a few weeks. Thanks again!