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rocco-talking-to-kristine2Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

Things are starting to really get scary out there…

Between the ever-growing competition within the personal training industry, and health clubs popping up on every corner, I’ll make a bold prediction…

The fitness professional that doesn’t quickly move to add multiple streams of income to their business is going to watch… in shock… as their income, business, and lifestyle shrink at a significant and steady rate right before their eyes over the next 12 to 24 months.

This may happen to you.

It may not.

What I’m about to share can certainly make a difference in that.

You've probably seen me on TV, heard me on Radio or read one of my best selling books.

Yes, I’m Rocco Castellano. I’ve been in the ‘training game’ for over 35 years and I’ve seen (and employed) most every personal training business model in existence.

I’ve done one-on-one training.

I was running bootcamps when the only other people running bootcamps were the armed forces and THEY consulted with me.

I’ve trained in clubs, owned studios and trained in home.
You name it, I’ve done it.

What’s Going To Happen To The Average Personal Trainer?

frustrated-faceUnfortunately, though, for the average fitness professional who’s allowed their business to rely on one stream of revenue – selling one-on-one training to the affluent crowd, enjoying success is becoming more and more difficult. No doubt, you’re going to see average personal trainers bringing home less money than ever before. In fact, don’t be surprised if we see the average training income slip down to less than $35,000 by the end of 2014.

Sadly, it’s already happening.

Frankly, I believe it’s going to get to the point where many, if not most trainers just throw in the towel and close up ‘shop’ altogether.

However – Some Fitness Pros Will Not Only Survive, But Actually Thrive And Enjoy More Success Than Ever Before

For the trainers that ‘get it’, they’re almost assured of an increase in income… no matter how much competition there is or what the economy does.

Ironically, some trainers don’t even realize how the fitness landscape is changing.

All over you see trainers going about their business as usual… as if nothing was going on. Using the same old business model. Relying of one stream of income. Marketing to only the affluent… forgetting whole willing populations.

It seems as if they’re missing a concept that has always held true in business – Adapt or die.

The Key To Your Success As A Fitness Professional Is the “Right” Multiple Streams Of Income…

Competition within the fitness industry is a way of life. It is what it is. But, in all honesty, it’s not the competition that’s going to make it harder and harder for trainers to thrive.

It’s the reliance on one stream of income- and it plagues 90% of personal training businesses.

Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover in The "Ultimate Fitness Consultation System"...

  • Position consultations as a must have service.

    I will show you exactly how to quickly and easily position consultation as a must for anyone that wants to do business with you. It’s not as hard a sell as you think. Say goodbye to Free Consultations.

  • Make 250% more than your normal hourly rate.

    I will show you exactly how I made 250% of my normal hourly rate by using my Exclusive Positioning Strategy. Maximizing your time and profiting from it.

  • Turn one time consultations into a long term profit.

    I will reveal to you exactly how you’ll be able to turn a “one time” consultation into a long term source of profit… ultimately creating a higher Customer Optimization Value

  • Raise revenue in every other area of your business.

    Discover how by integrating the fitness consultation system into your fitness business you can actually raise the revenue in every other area of your business.

The Ultimate Fitness Consultation System for only $297 $67

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How I started doing Consultations for Big Money

rocco-taking-pulse2When I first filled up my training schedule I was still getting a steady stream of people wanting to hire me… and this was driving me crazy because I knew I couldn’t train them… so I would lose out on that cash. I didn’t want to turn these people away so I developed a one-time paid consultation where the person could meet with me and walk away with the tools they needed to be successful on their own.

Before long I was seeing that while I was making $100 an hour for training clients, which ain’t a bad living… I was making $250 an hour doing consultations.

As I started to become something of a celebrity (Not to brag… but I’ve trained Spike Lee, JFK Jr., been on ESPN and won an Emmy for a show called MADE on MTV), It became abundantly clear that consultations were the way to go. I was doing consultations on Saturdays and making more money in one day than most trainers make in a week.

This created somewhat of a dilemma… I didn’t want to work the 90 hour weeks training that I was… so I shifted my business to almost exclusively bootcamps and consultations, with a couple of training sessions sprinkled in. .

… And my income went up!

Many Fitness Pros who weren’t my business coaching clients wanted me to help them out and give them a boost to their income. In all honesty… I didn’t think it was right for me to give out this information so inexpensively… but I read something that Ryan Deiss said and it smacked me upside my head... "It's our responsibility to help people do better than us." So, I'm giving you what helped me make plenty of money... giving you the tools and step by step instructions at an affordable price to change your life for the better.

So I decided to put the Ultimate Fitness Consultation System together…

When I decided to share this information with the rest of the world I only had one reservation… how would I do it?

I wanted to share this secret but also give Fitness Pros not only valuable information but rebrandable versions of the tools that I used to become so successful… and get you up and running as soon as possible.

Basically, you get everything you need to add an additional, proven, profit center to your business… and I mean everything!

Whats in The "Ultimate Fitness Consultation System"...

  • How to quickly and easily position consultation as a must for anyone that wants to do business with you.
  • Where to find all the consultation clients you’ll ever want.
  • Why you’ll be able to make 250% of your normal hourly rate by using my exclusive positioning strategy.
  • Exactly how you’ll be able to turn a one time consultation into a long term source of profit.
  • Why 97% of personal trainers undervalue their time and how you can really get what you’re worth.
  • The 4 key tools you’ll need if you want to make your consultations a huge success.
  • How by integrating the Ultimate Fitness Consultation System into your business you can actually raise the revenue in every other area of your business.

The Ultimate Fitness Consultation System for only $297 $67

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Okay... I'd Like To Integrate The Ultimate Consultation System Into My Business!!  But, What Do I Get With The Package?

You get an exact blueprint to follow, that will give your business an incredible competitive advantage over competing fitness professionals... so much so that you'll quickly become the most highly-sought-after fitness professional in your area.


Specifically, when you invest in my Ultimate Fitness Consultation System  package, you get:

As if that wasn’t enough, I'm also going to throw in several other tools I've used to earn well over 6 figures on training income.

So you’ll also get:

  • An Exclusive Video on My Proprietary Assessment System: P.I.P.E.

    In this video I explain what Predisposed Injury Potential Evaluation System is and how it has saved thousands of my clients from shoulder and low back injury. I have presented a similar talk at on this evaluation at some of the top industry conferences, but until now, I’ve never made the system available to fitness professionals in a step by step video format. 

  • My Standard Corporate Wellness Proposal.

    You’ll also get the proposal in a rebrandable word document that I’ve used to secure dozens of lucrative corporate wellness gigs that you can modify and use for your own business.

  • My Grocery Store Tour Proposal.

    This is the same proposal that got me into Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Kroger Food Stores teaching potential clients how to shop for healthy foods and create solid foundation for getting results. Grocery store tours are a great lead generation tool and I have included the proposal that I used to solidify countless relationships with grocery stores.

  • My Never Seen Before, 'It's all in the Numbers' Consultation Closing Technique Video

    I have never shown this formula to any one… and now this exclusive, mind blowing closing technique will help you close more potential clients than ever before. “It’s All in the Numbers” takes you step by step through the consultation process using specific mathematical formulas to “create” proof that you are the only trainer for your potential client… this video alone is worth thousands.

  • My 'How to Get Publicity' Audio .mp3

    In my “How to Get Publicity” Audio, you’ll discover all the little tricks I used to get on every major network,  radio station and how I got my column syndicated.

So What's The “Ultimate Consultation System” Going To Cost Me?

consult1Well, let me ask you this…

How much would it be worth to you, if you could snap your fingers and have an entirely new profit center for your business?

How much would it be worth to you, to have ready to use tools that you can brand with your own business name and logo that will instantly add more value to not only your consultations, but to all of your offerings?

How much would it be worth to you, if you could add a done for you system that would instantly double the value of your time?

And, how much would it be worth to you, if you never had to worry ever again about competition, the economy or anything else – and now you’d be able to serve a much bigger audience while actually increasing the value of your time.

How much would all that be worth to you?

If you said more than $300, this is going to be a no-brainer for you. Why? Because what this system will do for you is really worth thousands and thousands.

But I don’t want to charge you any where near that because it’s important information for you to have. So I decided to make make it available at a reduced rate for at least a few days so ANYONE that was serious about growing their business could gain access to his material – regardless of their current financial state.

You can get My Ultimate Fitness Consultation System and all my rebrandable tools and incredible bonuses for only $97 until I come to my senses, which I know won’t be long.

So, if you’re one of the motivated fitness pros to grab this course right now, you’re going to get it at HUGE DISCOUNT off of the future price of $197.

But, with all that said…

Should You Invest In This System…

**If you’re not truly serious about having a successful business and earning significantly more than the average trainer, I would ask that you pass on this offer.

Quite honestly, I don’t want any lazy trainers who aren’t really serious about their success investing in this course.  Again, please pass on this offer if that describes you in any way.

However, on the other hand, if you really do want to have a successful business, and you’re willing to take this system and put it to work for you — this is an incredible chance you shouldn’t pass up on.

If this sounds like you – you owe it to yourself to take action right now.

Think about it: You get everything you need to add a lucrative new profit center to your business… all for just $97.

But, only if you act now.

The Ultimate Fitness Consultation System for only $297 $67

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Best of success,

Rocco Castellano

P.S. If you implement My Ultimate Fitness Consultation System and you're not ecstatic with everything, I’ll provide you with an immediate and full refund. You risk nothing.

The Ultimate Fitness Consultation System for only $297 $67

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