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Cleaning Out Your Cabinets… and what to replace the bad foods with.

By on December 6, 2010

This is part 2 of me cleaning out my cabinets with one catch… I decided to let you in on what foods I replaced all the bad stuff I threw away. Click below to start video… and as always don’t forget to leave a comment.

Denise says:

So do you eat it solid or melt it down when you eat it?

Alex says:

Thanks for the answer Rocco, I’ll try that.

Keep it up.

Alex says:

Hi Rocco. I started taking coconut oil a couple of days ago, I only take like half of a spoon once a day and it makes me sick to my stomach, it’s like I’m about to throw up for at least 30 min everytime I take it. Why is that?


Actually, the same thing happened to me when I started. I was told to try to take an ounce at a time and I would get this nausea feeling every time.
Your body is pretty toxic that means and your liver is purging those toxins and obviously making you sick. See if you can take a half a teaspoon without getting sick. If you can repeat it two more time throughout the day.