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Children are eating downed cows

By on April 18, 2011


I have seen some pretty disgusting things in my day when it comes to what is put into our food supply but this really is the worst.  The Hallmark Meat Company of California is supplying cows too sick to walk or barely move to Westland Meat Packing, who happens to be the processing plant that supply’s  the meat, that feed our children in the school lunch program.

The dragging of these sick and downed cows by fork lift through their own manure introduce something called “fecal pathogens” that can cause salmonella and/or E coli… all in the name of profit… and providing cheap food.

Is this really what we want for our children? Our elderly and poor? These people have no clue they’re eating this garbage.  How can the USDA with all good conscience let this go on?

I’m still trying to figure out how the USDA can even allow this.  I’m pretty sure that if this footage can get on YouTube, someone at the USDA could get their hands on a copy… or just watch the video on YouTube.

Do me a favor and ask your children’s school where they get their meat… and please don’t allow them to eat a hamberger, taco, beef stew or any other meat related food from their lunch room if the supplier is Westland Meat.

Check out the video below but please be warned this is VERY graphic and disgusting material.

MMC says:

Heart breaking

Ally says:

I don’t think vegetarianism is the end all be all but definitely getting a better grade of beef like grass fed, organic. I only’s think the better the food is raised the better the food is. Just my thought’s. Thank you for the post.

Dusty says:

Why do they let the cows get that sick? Isn’t there some type of regulations the forbids this? This is so depressing that there are people out there that are pushing sick cows around with forklifts.

Alex says:

IS there someone we can write to, or one of our representatives that could spearhead something?

Rachel says:

Just another reason to go vegetarian….